Saturday, September 28, 2013

Valve's Steam completes controller gaming PC for the living room - Heise Newsticker

Cordless Steam controller expands the vision of modern gaming that brings Valve on the PC. Instead of using keyboard and mouse to control two gamers games trackpads, “We deceive the games here is the use of mouse and keyboard before, but our new gamepad is similar to either of those,” it is stated on the web page


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Joystick Goodbye: The Steam controller has two touchpads to control and playback of vibration. enlarge class=”source”> Image: Valve After Steam Machine and SteamOS now follows the Steam controller. The concept of a gaming PC for the living room by Valve that always takes on more forms. The control unit has now presented instead of the usual two joysticks, touchpads that control over thumb movement, but should also be clicking. The resolution of the touchpad to enable precise control and aiming in first-person shooter.

touchpads are clearly differentiated force-feedback supply than other controllers that have only vile rumble on the pan. The controller is via Steam Valve touchpad loud about “speed, path edging, sleepers, textures, action feedback or any other events” to the player on. To play even sound waves and can thus function as a speaker. This is achieved via Valve connected to the touchpad weighted electromagnet.

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Valve shows a possible layout for eg first-person puzzle Portal 2 enlarge class=”source”> Image: Valve In the middle there is a screen, the important information about a Overview map can with the position of the character in the game show. It is touch sensitive, but should not allow too sensitive control. With it you can for example change by pressure through different display modes.

addition, the controller has 16 buttons, half of which is mounted so as to reach them without having to take your thumb off the touchpad. Two buttons are located on the back. Old games like Half-Life Counter Strike should be possible to operate with the steam controller yet. A legacy mode simulates the traditional PC control via keyboard and mouse. (akr)

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