Wednesday, September 18, 2013

BlackBerry plans to cut 40 percent of locations - Spiegel Online

Waterloo – BlackBerry prepares to severe staff cuts before the end of 2013: Up to 40 percent therefore might have to leave the company, says the “Wall Street Journal”


The cuts should go in waves across all the departments. Several thousand employees will lose their jobs. Recently, the Group had the number of employees specified by 12,700. “The organizational change will continue to ensure that we have the right people for the right jobs to push new opportunities in the mobile market,” said a BlackBerry spokesperson, however, the actual number of 40 percent would not confirm. In sales and research and development departments were released earlier this year smaller rounds, in 2012, 5,000 employees had been terminated.

The largest division is the BlackBerry product development with approximately 5500 employees. About 1,100 more are working in sales and marketing, 800 in customer service, 1400 in production, and the remaining 3900 are employed in management, IT and network services.

The news of the layoffs comes just a month after BlackBerry had announced a newly established committee was tasked to review strategic alternatives. This could include a sale of the Group, which could take place according to the “Wall Street Journal,” even this year. For BlackBerry threatens a fate similar to Nokia – the Finns have their faltering mobile phone division has just sold to Microsoft


BlackBerry had again written deep in the red: in the first quarter – which lasted from the Canadian company from March to early June – delivered around 6.8 million mobile phones BlackBerry from. Market watchers had expected, however, with sales of 7.5 million copies. In addition, the company made a loss in the same period of $ 84 million.

BlackBerry once dominated the smartphone market, but in recent years it went downhill with the group, as it lost its significance over Apple or Samsung. Once Blackberry had market shares of 14 percent of the U.S. smartphone market, currently there are only three percent.


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