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London (dpa) – Chinese scientists have discovered an ancient armored fish with a modern pine. This recall strongly to the mouth of today’s vertebrates.

419 million years old fossil is very well preserved and almost 20 inches long. The researchers found it in Yunnan Province. The team led by Min listeners of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing describes the previously unknown marine life in the British journal “Nature”.

his big bony plates on the head and the front body of the fish clearly heard the name Entelognathus primordialis (“first complete jaw”) to the fish tank (Placodermi). His jaw but according to the researchers strongly resembles the anatomy of modern bony fishes (Osteichthyes). He, on characteristic intermediate, upper and lower jaw bones. Previously it was assumed that the closest relatives of modern animals with jaws (gnathostomata) rather resembled sharks, which replaced definitively 300 million years ago the fish tank.

“Our discovery provides a new perspective on the early evolutionary stage of animals with jaws and provides further evidence for the relationship between bone and fish tanks,” writes Min listeners. The development of the jaw is considered a crucial step in the evolution of vertebrates: Robber had not since been more satisfied only with prey that fits into the mouth, but could also kill larger animals .

published on 25.09.2013 at 21:09 clock