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iPad Mini with iOS 7 Apple has released the latest version of its mobile operating system. iOS 7 (Build 11A465) corresponds provided to developers a few days ago version. She is ready for iPhone 4, 4S and 5, iPad 2 and later, iPad Mini and iPod Touch fifth generation for download. The update will bring a newly designed user interface and many new features, it also contains fixes for a total of 80 vulnerabilities.

owners of devices with iOS 6 or earlier, the update can wirelessly over the cellular network or Wi-Fi to download. Due to the size, it may be that previously content on the device must be deleted. Alternatively, the upgrade with a Windows PC or Mac is possible. For this, the latest version of iTunes 11.1 is required. Required for the offline installation IPSW files are already available. You can however manually download or from iTunes. Who’s the new version of iOS do not like present unable to switch to iOS 6th The older firmware files signed Apple still as valid. How long that will be the case, is not certain. A downgrade to iOS 6 should therefore – if requested – soon


iOS 7 revised for the first time since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, the surface of its mobile operating system fundamentally Apple. The “flatter” look that is the most important feature of iOS 7 Other changes include the control center, which is now displayed with a wiping gesture from the bottom, the message center that was “Today” expands to the feature of the Safari browser, which now offers a full-screen interface in conjunction with the iPhone, and the language assistant Siri.

vulnerabilities that eliminates iOS 7, stuck among others in the components of Core Graphics, Core Media, Data Protection, Data Security, ImageIO, Kernel, Passcode Lock, Safari, sandbox, social, telephony and Twitter . An attacker could for example by means of manipulated PDF files, XML files or websites to inject and execute malicious code. In the browser engine WebKit Apple stuffs alone 42 holes also allow remote code execution.

The run on the iOS 7 has apparently led to server problems at Apple. On Twitter and Apple’s support page, users complain of broken downloads, and error messages such as “software update failed”.

However, the update is also larger than the previous updates. Users of older iPhones will need to download between 600 and 700 MB. The iPad four, there are up to 935 MB. Moreover, for the download and installation, in some cases more than 3 GB of free disk space.

Some users have also reported problems with Apple’s activation servers. As AppleInsider has learned from one of its sources, Apple has now issued an internal error message to its employees. She has reportedly the highest priority “P1″. According to Apple’s status website but all services are working correctly.

New features and bright colorful icons iOS 7 also offers a significantly improved JavaScript performance. Not so great successful is the new user interface in Safari. The reader function still exists. But it is not so implemented chic as ever. Also when accessing bookmarks you have to get used
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