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Panos Panay, the manager at Microsoft Surface team, with the new Surface Pro 2

Microsoft takes new approach with Surface 2

Sharper display, better battery, more power: With the Microsoft Surface 2 attacked the iPad. The predecessor flopped, but now the group is hopeful: A turn succeeded once before


Sharper display, better battery, more power: With the Microsoft Surface 2 attacked the iPad. The predecessor flopped, but now the group is hopeful: A turn succeeded before. From


Despite weak sales Microsoft will not give up the tablet market. The software giant has now been presented in New York two new Windows tablets, with whom he is opposed to Apple’s iPad and tablets running the Google Android operating system.

Microsoft hopes to be able to increase its market share in the Christmas season. The new tablets are successors of the Surface tablets that were introduced in June last year.

With the first generation of the Microsoft Surface tablets has been largely unsuccessful. In July, the company had announced that he had to write off $ 900 million on its balance sheet due to disappointing sales.

Microsoft had simply producibility more devices, as the company was able to sell. Recently, the group had even lowered the price of its tablet firmly in order to boost the sales.

The new generation of surface-corrected tablets especially weaknesses that have been criticized in the original models. Microsoft offers two different models of the Surface.

Now Outlook is

The favorable Tablet Surface RT is now simply Surface 2 and runs a stripped-down version of Windows is now in a faster processor is housed. Furthermore, it gets next to the office software Office also an Outlook mail program that was not included in the first version.

The display now – unlike its predecessor – an HD resolution. On the Surface 2, which is now four grams lighter and thinner than its predecessor, still only run applications that were written for it. The battery will now hold more than ten hours, the cameras have been improved.

The new Surface Pro has also got a faster Intel processor, which is more energy efficient, and increases the battery life of four hours previously weak alleged to 75 percent. Externally, on the model changed very little.

Surface Pro is heavier

The Surface Pro runs on Windows 8.1 and is therefore able to run all Windows programs that can also manage other computers. The Surface Pro is equivalent to previous models significantly heavier than the Surface 2


Both models have a 10.6-inch display (almost 27 inches measured diagonally) with 16:9 aspect ratio. For comparison: The display of the iPad measures 9.7 inches in the ratio 4:3. Surface The tablets have a housing consisting of a magnesium alloy in which a stator is located fold.

The new Surface models of 22 Sold in October. The Surface 2 with 32 gigabytes of memory will cost almost 430 euros, with 64 gigabytes is 100 euro more. The Surface Pro costs depending on memory and memory size from just under 880 euros and almost 1780 euros.

Microsoft has also renewed and expanded its accessories for the tablet. Thus, the keyboards have become thinner and illuminate the individual keys. A Power Cover allows you to charge the tablet, thus extending the battery life. Also new is a docking station with multiple USB ports.

The first Surface Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer highlighted a strategy reversal. The company now sees himself as devices and services business. This had led especially at the beginning of tensions between Microsoft and partners such as the computer manufacturers Acer and Lenovo, which in turn offer devices that are running the software from Microsoft.

New Accessories

As Apple wants to offer more Microsoft in future devices, software and services from a single source. This strategy is driving the company forward with haste.

So Microsoft has recently announced plans to buy the entire mobile phone business by former Finnish world market leader Nokia. Microsoft has developed its own Windows Phone mobile operating system, which can only slowly gaining market share.

While sales of computers ever go back, take the tablet paragraphs. Thus Microsoft’s lucrative core business is threatened with the Windows system for PCs and the office suite Office. The group now has to steer quickly to benefit the new trend towards mobile devices.

But not only in the smartphone business, in business with Microsoft tablets is far behind. According to figures from market researcher Stategy Analytics Microsoft’s share is just 4.5 percent, while two-thirds of all tablets sold run on the Google Android operating system.

good 28 percent of all tablets sold are iPads according to these figures. Apple is expected to start presenting its next generation iPad in October and they have the soft Eight shop in the stores.

Microsoft was ever stragglers

buyers do not look at the mobile devices already long on technique. Is important to them and the range of applications for their devices.

The choice of

iPad, Galaxy & Co.

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