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22 September 2013 22:41

hackers Chaos Computer Club has managed to outsmart the new iPhone 5s: You cracked the fingerprint scanner that Apple had touted as much more secure than previous sensors. This seems a simple enough trick.

hackers of the biometrics team of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) have managed to bypass the biometric security features of Apple TouchID with the simplest means. Them sufficed to a fingerprint she photographed on a glass surface to produce an artificial finger. The CCC writes on his website.

To the hackers were able to unlock the new iPhone 5s, which is protected with a TouchID. In your opinion, is the simple approach that “biometric data to prevent unauthorized access are completely inappropriate.”

In a short YouTube video demonstrates how an iPhone can be tricked with a piece of latex and getting them to unlock the lock screen.

iPhone 5s So the fingerprint sensor


Apple has built into its new iPhone 5s a fingerprint scanner. The Group made a number of thoughts to make sure the use of biometric technology.

(Video: dpa rufa Photo: REUTERS)

The new iPhone 5s is equipped with a fingerprint scanner that Apple has touted as much more secure than previous sensors. In the technology trade press is discussing the increase in safety for days.

“In fact, the sensor by Apple only a higher resolution compared to conventional sensors. We only had to increase the granularity of our art finger a little,” says a hacker with the pseudonym starbug, the experiments by the method of outwitting the sensor has improved. “For years we have repeatedly warned against the use of fingerprints for access control., We leave fingerprints everywhere, and it is a breeze to create fake fingers from it.”

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