Monday, September 16, 2013

Grand Theft Auto: GTA V - big gangster, Big World - Times Online

The fifth part of “Grand Theft Auto” is ready. Rockstar pushes his snappy game with the American dream and staged a world of greed and violence.

excerpt from the announcement film” GTA 5 “| © Rockstar Games

mid-forties Michael leads GTA V a comfortable life. He and his family lived in a villa in the hills of Los Santos, he spends his days with cigar and whiskey at the pool. The posh lifestyle financed a witness protection program. Years ago, the once notorious bank robber has closed a lucrative deal with the judiciary.


Michael can not, however, its existence: his wife is unfaithful, his children hate him, doing nothing bores him to death. Michael thinks wistfully back to the glorious times of criminals – and grabs the first opportunity that brings him back into the business



game series Grand Theft Auto is known to break down the American dream relentlessly. The main characters of the series are always anti-hero: Outlaws and the underprivileged who create their own career criminal with diligence. In an open game world they work laboriously upward, always commit daring crimes, gain money and power.

Michael from GTA V has this breathless rat race long past, has long dreamed the American dream to end and is made of pure frustration. He is the perfect contrast to the other two main characters, the GTA V established in the first hours of play: The petty criminals Franklin, who feels called to higher and the psychopathic drug dealer Trevor, who once robbed by Michael Banks .

The success of freedom, graphic realism and biting satire is the same as always. But GTA V is the first game of the series, which has not one, but three main characters. This is a fundamental change for a series that recently experimented mainly with changing locations and playful details. A stroke of luck, as it turns out in the game.

three intertwined characters

GTA IV Niko Bellic played the main character. A man with a history of the war, an immigrant, and kind in dealing both cold-blooded killer. Bellic was a walking contradiction. GTA V Rockstar Games has transferred the contradictions of three different characters.

Michael, Franklin and Trevor found only after a few hours of play together to jointly commit robberies. Before that happens, you get to know the three protagonists in their social milieu. Michael divides his time between therapist visits and tantrums, reprimands his pot-smoking and playing computer or son tries to keep her daughter from seedy filmmakers.


Franklin lives in a rundown street in South Los Santos, crack with his buddy Lamar sports car and is no conflict belt out of the way.

Trevor finally lives in a trailer park in the desert nest Sandy Shores, earned his living as a crystal meth producer and lies down to talk with an entire motorcycle gang. Trevor is irascible and very brutal, a walking time bomb that simply has fun in the crime. When he learns that his believed dead Exkollege Michael is active again, Trevor immediately makes his way to Los Santos. And with that comes a story rolling, the very much further than the next bank robbery.

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