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Search Engine: Google is our life - Times Online

15 years ago, Google was founded. What is more impressive: As the founder of a billion dollar company pulled up – or how this has changed our thinking?

colored painted tubes with cooling water in a central server of Google in the U.S. State of Oregon

colored painted tubes with cooling water in a server center Google in the State of Oregon | © Google / EPA / dpa

Google is

15 “Google pressures …”, no, not glandular fever. “Google Green …” Exactly: founding history. Thank you that I no longer need to type: The first meeting of Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s been 18 years, the renaming of the precursor BackRub in Google, here written very menschelnd, as many as 16 years. Only the registration of Google Inc. and the associated garage myth actually fall on the September 1998. Brin and Page had then investors got a check, which was to “Google Inc.” issued.

15 years, an IPO, a mail client, an online video platform, a browser, a social network and above all a search engine. Nearly 54,000 employees, $ 268 billion market capitalization and $ 14 billion in sales, of course, only in the last quarter. Google heard loud Forbes of the most famous, most valuable, most successful, innovative companies in the world.


economic rise saga is still incredibly boring – in terms of socio-cultural impact that they brought. The “Googling” has become within a few years to global culture technique, the only conceivable strategy of the World approach and knowledge acquisition.

This is evident from the fact that memory of pre-Google times appear to be extinguished. How, one wonders, shrugging, you are ever came in the nineties to about anything?

our gateway to the world

Today nothing is more predictable, tangible, verifiable without the search engine. No text, no vacation, no work, no shopping, in which they do not assist. Google – I have bored us market share in Germany with the 96 percent? – Has become the gateway to the world. The leader of the pack in the big internet. Our spelling assistant, our library of Alexandria.

The definition of education 1990: education + knowledge + Brockhaus long-term memory. Much that was not what the individual could unearth that. Today, all omniscient. General Education 2013: Smartphone + voice recognition + Google = Wikipedia


But Sergey Brin and Larry Page have really thought enough about the long-term effects of their cultural algorithm? Your essay from 1998 The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine , in which they explain the S tructure of the new search engine, is actually a cultural theoretical manifesto. The core idea: When Google is crawling through the net, unlike the competition, look out not only for superficial semantic features of Web pages, but also evaluate the link. From the perspective of young academics that made sense: On current evidence or important canon of texts referenced in science often on outdated and irrelevant publications less frequently.

Optimizing search engines you live long!

Meanwhile, the principle has been indeed, transformed by the filter bubble, the increasing personalization of search results. But it is still valid today: quality is derived from the quantity. The relevance of results from the placement, the reality of visibility. I quickly find what is right and important.

In turn, the categorical imperatives of the Google world have shown that we have users become internalized such that we consider them timeless, divine, immanent truths Internet:

  • If you want to sell something, do whatever it takes to bring your site into the top three.
  • If you want to sell yourself, remember from childhood, the impact of your actions and statements could have on your search results. Search Engine Optimize you live long! Speaking of, I recently googled my sweet, blond kindergarten friend – my God, today he is a fat bald urologist
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