Friday, September 13, 2013

Mobile Test HTC One Mini: The phone that bears his name wrongly - ABC Online

Not only the bestseller by Samsung got a little brother, the Galaxy Mini S4. HTC also miniaturized: The touch screen of the One Mini measures 4.3 (instead of 4.7) inches. But the phone wearing a fake name.

The little brother of the HTC one is there: Instead of a touch screen with 4.7 inch measures the focusing screen of the Mini One only 4.3 inches, but why then the whole considerably more compact smartphone fails A width of 63 instead of 68 millimeters likes to listen to a marginal difference, but in practice, thereby shrinking version feels surprisingly much easier to handle on. The weight dropped from 143 to 122 grams – at least 15 percent. What else has changed in comparison to the big one, the test reveals.

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