Thursday, September 19, 2013

Escalation in the Arctic: Russian Coast Guard storms Greenpeace ship - FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

© dpa A picture of quiet days: “Arctic Sunrise” of Greenland

The Russian Coast Guard stormed a Greenpeace ship in the Arctic, according to the environmentalists. The environmental organization had protested the “Arctic Sunrise” against oil drilling in the region. Crew members would kneel on the deck and were threatened by guards with guns, Greenpeace said on Thursday. The contact with the crew was canceled. The Russian side initially did not confirm the incident. Greenpeace accuses Russia of the right to threaten the environmentally sensitive area with the drilling for oil.

gunmen were from a helicopter of the Federal Security Service FSB, which is responsible for the management, rappelling, a crew member had previously tweeted. “It’s pretty scary. Loud blows. Russian screams. They are still trying to enter the door, “was an entry with the short message service. The ship was in international waters, Greenpeace and stressed that he was “very concerned”.

© AP activists try the oil platform “Priraslomnaja” the Russian state company Gazprom to occupy

activists had tried the day before the sailing under the Dutch flag “Arctic Sunrise” made to occupy the oil platform “Priraslomnaja” State of the Gazprom Group in the Pechora. Here, a Finn and a Swiss arrested. Border guards also gave warning shots and called the “Arctic Sunrise” to repent.

The Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow ordered after an incident the Dutch ambassador. The environmentalists had “provocative and life-endangering accepted an ecological disaster,” the agency said.

Greenpeace rejected the accusations. The Coast Guard would counter international law further tighten the two activists without making them concrete allegations, said the organization. Before the Gazprom headquarters in Moscow Greenpeace demonstrated for the release of its members. This Friday, the environmentalists want to protest against Russian embassies around the world.

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Russian Coast Guard storms Greenpeace ship in the Arctic

escalation in the Arctic

Russian Coast Guard storms Greenpeace ship


After Russian border guards had fired warning shots, they have stormed a ship, according to the environmental organization Greenpeace. Greenpeace protests against oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean.

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