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iPhone 5s to October sold out -

News splitter 23 September 2013 | 08:16 clock

The new iPhone 5S is sold out until further notice. As delivery in Apple’s online store is currently “October” called the earliest date. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook is to find since Friday also on Twitter, the iPhone 5S in gold for it on Ebay. This and more can be found today in our news splinters.

iPhone 5s to October sold

iPhone 5S again only available in October

deadlines for the iPhone 5s have been extended to the first week of sales end. As already suggested, the current need for new devices by Apple is not to cover. In Apple’s online store is called the delivery date for all iPhone 5s models only “October” without further specifying a date. This period is currently being used in all countries where the iPhone 5s is already available.

iOS 7 is currently the most successful operating system of Apple

Already 48 hours after publication, it is Apple managed to set the download record with iOS 7 of iOS 6th Already in the first ten hours, the new operating system has been downloaded over 130 million times.

The chances are that the number of installations of iOS 7 to those of the main competitors, Google Androdis, catch up, there are currently good. According to Google, are currently about 353 million smartphones worldwide in a position to never newest operating system version to use “Jelly Bean”. The number of devices that can be operated under iOS 7, amounts to 415 million.

Tim Cook is now on Twitter

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, since last Friday has its own Twitter account. @ Tim_cook under the Apple CEO twitters now verified. Its currently more than 200,000 followers so far but could not read much of him, Except a tweet about a visit to the Apple store in Palo Alto, he has not released any further own text


gold rush on Ebay

Since this weekend are hundreds of iPhone 5S in the world offer the online auction house eBay. Especially the iPhone 5s in gold, the color version that Apple shipped in the smallest quantities, is offered there. The price for a unit move 800-2000 euros.

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