Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stations: Railway offers 30 minutes of free WiFi on - Times Online

The German Railway has set up 105 stations at Wi-Fi hotspots Telekom. So travelers can surf for free for half an hour.

train passengers and passers-by can use at many German wireless stations now available for free. At a total of 105 stations, it is now possible to surf every day for 30 minutes over a hot spot of Deutsche Telekom, said the German railway. Then the customer would be automatically logged out. Who wants more than half an hour to use the wireless networks every day, would have to pay.

free Internet use must be made at a time according to Railway. The wireless networks of Telekom revealed from large parts of the stations, waiting areas and especially near public phones.


To use the service, customers need to connect to smart phone, tablet or notebook computer to the network of Telekom. After starting the web browser, it is necessary to specify a phone number. Then the user will receive an access code by SMS and can surf for free for 30 minutes.

Internet Deutsche Bahn is currently available at major stations, medium-sized stations and heavily used train stations. An overview can be found here. May be extended to other stations offering, said a railway spokesperson. Overall, the railway operates more than 5,400 stations nationwide.

Some privacy activists and organizations, however, warn against the use of public networks, as it will assailants made easy here, for example SMS, intercept emails, chats, and other data transfers and eavesdrop. Particular caution was necessary, for example in fake Wi-Fi networks of Deutsche Bahn, where no application via access code is required. Tips for how to deal with Wi-Fi, there is, among other things by the German Federal Office for Security in Information Technology.

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