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Rejuvenation for iPhone, iPad, and iPod: What Apple's new operating system ... - ABC Online

Apple iOS distributed

7 from today as a final release for iPhone 4, 4S, iPad, and 5 from the second generation, iPad mini, and iPod touch (fifth generation). What new features does iOS 7 compared to iOS 6 – and how good the performance is on the individual devices

div to the optical changes include not only a different color palette, Apple also plays with transparent elements and some animations? including a translucent Notification Center and discreet installation folder, and animated progress of apps. Apple has also redesigned the standard applications on iOS 7: Overall, the apps do not remember real originals, but have received a sleek, typographic design, which is better suited to digital content. Successfully act as the Calendar, Game Center, the contacts and the Music app. iTunes Radio will be available with the launch of iOS 7 in the U.S.

Quick Settings. The Control Center

The Control Center (Control Panel) is next to one of the most visible new design of iOS 7 With the swipe of a finger from the bottom of the screen to the center of the screen to open the center, so you have quick access to the main system settings such as WiFi and Bluetooth, as well as a few standard apps like the camera. Plus, the music control from the Control Center.

div Customizing the Control Panel but can not. It would make sense for example if the user could define which apps they want to use from the control panel out, especially since the center can be called from any other app from – even from the lockscreen. You may access the system-wide way off, so that the Control Center will not open accidentally while playing or surfing

trades. Genuine multitasking and Cover Flow

By double-clicking the home button, as before, open the multitasking feature – but there are two major new features: Apple now allows true multitasking, and the apps are live. Invites you to sample music in iTunes down, you can see the download progress in the multitasking preview. It is good that iOS can hide 7 similar Android app sensitive content. For example, if you use a banking app, you can see in the preview no account data, but a black box -. Unless the developers have integrated this security feature

Safari now displays similar to the mobile version Chrome all open tabs as a kind of can conclude the tabs simply by wiping motion – tab on where the user easily switches back and forth between pages. In addition, the Brower is finally no longer limited to eight open tabs. Anyone who uses an iPad in parallel with the same Apple ID, there can also access the open pages. Also new is the simplified private mode, you now activate directly in Safari by opening a tab and tap “Home” at the bottom.

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