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iPhone and iPhone 5S 5C: The most exciting features of the new Apple ... - ABC Online

Starting today Apple sells two new smartphones: the iPhone 5C colorful and elegant iPhone 5S. Mobile expert Lutz Herkner shows details of the two apple phones and the new operating system iOS 7, explains the differences and shows how the fingerprint sensor works.

sold for the first time in the history of the Apple iPhone is not a new model, but two devices. What can the iPhone and the iPhone 5S 5C? And what about the iPhone 4S, which Apple wants to continue to sell – unlike the iPhone 5 by the way. The presented only a year ago cell phone disappears into oblivion.

1 Size and weight

The more expensive and the cheaper iPhone 5S iPhone 5C differ in size from each other: The model 5S is somewhat narrower, shorter and thinner. It measures 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm, the 5C 124.4 x 59.2 x 8.97 millimeters. Even when weight wins the 5S Model: With 112 grams, it weighs 20 grams less than the iPhone 5C (132 grams). So great is the difference then, however, in practice, not – 20 grams correspond to the weight of four sheets DIN A-4 stationery. The iPhone 4S is 140 grams and 9.2 mm heavier and thicker than the two new devices, but smaller (115 x 58.6 mm). The reason is that it still had the earlier usual at Apple smaller display.

2 Display

On the displays of the new iPhone, Apple has not changed since last year. Both 5S and 5C have a 4-inch retina display with a Auflösugn of 1136 x 640 pixels, as well as the iPhone 5 The iPhone 4S still has the old screen size of 3.5 inches, but also has a retina display. But that solves only 960 x 640 pixels.

3 Processor

The processor is one of the few major differences between the two new iPhone models. The cheaper iPhone 5C brings the A6 processor of the iPhone 5, so it is on the technical levels of a year ago. Apple iPhone 5S donated a new processor called A7. Is to radically improve the performance of mobile phones. It is a 64-bit processor, according to Apple, the first 64-bit processor in a smartphone at all. Apple said during the keynote including a 56 times faster graphics. The iPhone 4S has an A5 processor, which is the penultimate generation. Also new: The M7-processor, which is to collect motion data

4. Memory

As always you can not expand the memory of the iPhone users – none of the models has a memory card slot. The internal memory is graded depending on the model Apple: The iPhone 5S comes with either 64, 32 or 16 GB, iPhone 5C with 32 or 16 GB and iPhone 4S with 8 GB

5. Camera

Apple equips iPhone 5S and 5C iPhone with two cameras – but they differ in the features. Both bring a resolution of eight megapixels and shoot 1080p video, the front camera 1.2 megapixels each. But the camera of the iPhone 5S expensive can accommodate slow motion video and has a so-called True Tone flash, which should make better pictures in the dark. The camera of the iPhone 4S is significantly less – the front camera triggers, for example, only in VGA mode. The rear camera is also equipped with eight but megapxiel.

6 Connections

The new iPhone 5S and 5C have introduced last year Lightning port, nothing more. Everything else would have been surprising, Apple has always been built either USB ports or SD card slots. The iPhone 4S has the old dock connector, but of course no other connection options.

7 Colors and housing

New colors for the iPhone: The iPhone 5S will be available in silver, gold or Space Grey. The iPhone 5C is available in green, blue, yellow, white and pink. The housing is the most striking difference between the more expensive and cheaper models: The iPhone 5S has an aluminum housing, while the iPhone 5C is made of plastic. However, not just any plastic -. According to Apple, a “completely new”

The iPhone 4S retains the classic apple-mobile-black and white and the known aluminum case

8th . Battery

According to the company, Apple has improved the battery of the new iPhone. Both models now hold by longer. The talk time on 3G is two in ten hours standby at 250 hours. The iPhone 4S cuts worse – the talk time is eight hours, standby time at 200 hours

9. Fingerprint sensor and LTE

of the special features and a few new features of the iPhone 5S is the fingerprint sensor. It is integrated into the home button and to make the new flagship safer. Users can use it to unlock the iPhone, but also, for example, shopping at iTunes. This ID does not touch the iPhone 5C, nor the iPhone 4S. Purchaser of the old model must also refrain from LTE, which only allow the 5S and 5C.

10 Prices and sale

iPhone and iPhone 5S 5C are from 20 To have September in Germany. The more expensive model 5S costs from € 699 (16GB of storage). For 799 euros you get 32 ??GB, 64 GB for 899 euro. Thus, the starting prices are higher than the previous iPhone. 5 – which was to have he best version for 679 €

5C The iPhone is priced at 100 euros less than the 5S – € 599 for 16GB and € 699 for 32 GB. The really cheap plastic mobile phone is not so. The iPhone 4S is to have in the future for 399 euro (8GB) -. However on the technical levels of two years ago

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