Sunday, September 22, 2013

Russia seals off Greenpeace activists from - Spiegel Online

Moscow – Even two days after the incident, the Greenpeace activists have no further contact with their counterparts on land. “Once the ship is in Murmansk, we will see what exactly is our activists accused,” said Joerg Feddern Greenpeace on Saturday. The “Arctic Sunrise” is expected at the earliest on Monday in the northern Russian port city.

27 Greenpeace activists currently persevere on the “Arctic Sunrise”, which was boarded by the Russian border and is now being towed to the port of Murmansk. The environmentalists had protested in the Pechora in inflatable boats against planned drilling by Gazprom and tried to climb an oil platform in the Arctic Ocean. You would want to place a banner there, it said.

Now the environmentalists have to answer charges of piracy. This was announced by the investigating agency in Moscow. By law, it has up to 15 years in prison “The allegations are very hard, but in our opinion, devoid of any foundation,” said Feddern. The Moscow office of the organization accused the intelligence services responsible for border protection FSB again prior unlawful action. “So far, the FSB, the Greenpeace activists neither formally charged nor explained to them the reasons for their arrest,” it said in a statement.

Greenpeace was the “Arctic Sunrise” 40 nautical miles off the Russian coast, so in international waters. The so-called SUA Convention and the Protocol thereto, already make the attempt to occupy a platform for the offense – even if the crew is not attacked directly


On Thursday, the FSB had boarded the ship and the crew set. The captain had ignored calls to stop, it said. The “Arctic Sunrise” had been in the manner specified by Russia 500 meter wide exclusion zone around the rig, said a spokeswoman for the Border Guard in the northern Russian region of Murmansk. The ship had not been in neutral waters. “The environmentalists will most likely put a burden to have violated the law on the continental shelf and the exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation,” the spokesperson continued.

Before building the Coast Guard organized in Murmansk young environmentalists to protest against the actions of the authorities a vigil. Greenpeace Russian embassies worldwide demonstrated against the actions of the authorities, including in Berlin.


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