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Bill Gates on "monkey handle", "Ctrl + Alt + Del was a mistake" - Sü

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27 September 2013 12:00

Everyone knows the somewhat complicated key combination Ctrl + Alt + Delete, the Windows logon process. In an interview, Bill Gates acknowledged now that this was probably not a good idea.

It was a mistake to require users to press the key combination “Ctrl + Alt + Del” for logging in to the computer. The Bill Gates said at a fundraiser at Harvard University in a call with the U.S. financier David Rubinstein.

“Why do I actually use three fingers to log on my computer? Whose idea was that?” Rubinstein asked by the Microsoft founder.

Bill Gates initially tried to justify the so-called monkey grip, but it broke in mid-sentence saying. “It was a mistake” Originally, he had wanted a separate button, but the charge of the keyboard IBM Keyboard designers have rejected this extra button. Gates earned for the statement laughter and applause.

David Bradley, the responsible IBM designers had explained in an earlier interview, how was it even came to the combination. The computer hung during hardware and software testing has regularly on. Order each time the computer off and turning on, he set up a keyboard shortcut for it. This was intended only for internal purposes. “It was a matter of five minutes. Did I know, yes, I would therefore create a cultural icon.” That the combination of keys now have the purpose to log in to a device, but Microsoft have provided, said Bradley.

From nerd to superstar Bill Gates – from nerd to superstar

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