Sunday, September 22, 2013

TouchID: CCC hack fingerprint scanner of the iPhone 5S - Spiegel Online

Berlin – The Chaos Computer Club had published nine years ago, a tutorial on how to, transmitting a fingerprint that has remained approximately on a drinking glass on a slide with the corresponding scanner can outwit. The same technique would also work for TouchID called fingerprint scanner of the new iPhone 5S, the CCC now reports in a press release: “In fact, the sensor of Apple only has a higher resolution compared to previous sensors we had only the granularity of our art finger increase a little.. “

In a short YouTube video demonstrates how an iPhone can be tricked with a piece of latex and getting them to unlock the lock screen. The simulation of a fingerprint in this manner requires a number of steps: The footprint must photographed, edited the photo and then printed on a sheet. Latex milk or wood glue is applied to the printed image then the dried liquid then contains a relief image of the fingerprint. Moisture is easily to this impression, an iPhone 5S to let unlock it, reports the CCC.

Apple insisted the safety of TouchID fingerprints

It was “a stupid idea to use something as an everyday security token that you leave every day at almost infinite number of places,” said CCC spokesman Frank Rieger earnings. Biometrics is “suitable to monitor and control people, not to secure everyday devices against unauthorized access.” Then the CCC have repeatedly pointed out for years.

The press release also indicates that the fingerprint without this method is an inappropriate means for the supposed protection of sensitive data would be: “To compel a man to reveal a secure password, is much more difficult than simply the phone to keep ahead of his hands in handcuffs. “

An Apple spokesman had asserted only ten days ago, the fingerprints that detects the scanner, be sure. In this case, however, it came to the question of whether Apple  Chart Show or about the NSA could convert the stored in a database, and imprints abuse for other purposes. That is not possible, Apple emphasized, since the impression would only stored in the form of an encrypted data set somewhere in the iPhone chip. Of the ability to outwit the scanner with a photo, a printer and some latex was then no question.


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