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Jibe against Apple: Microsoft is mocked for iPhone Parody - STERN.DE

 iPhone, Apple, Microsoft, smartphone

Apple’s new plastic phone, the iPhone 5C, is available in five colors, including blue, green and red ©

I n the mobile phone industry is so happy vituperated once vilified Nokia iPhone users as mindless zombies, HTC teases regularly against Samsung, Motorola against all. Now Microsoft put on – but that was huge backfires. Speaking at the launch of the new iPhone the Windows maker has released a video clip, which does not look good competitors from Cupertino. In the spot, an internal conference from Apple shows it to two employees a man from behind suspiciously reminiscent of Apple’s Steve Jobs, father figure, explain the innovations of the new devices. The problem: There is actually no. “, This is what you have worked for the last six months,” asks one of the staff, and the answer is equal to itself. Indeed

now be explained why the new devices are nevertheless ingenious: “Did we do the new iPhone from plastic to save money?” Of course. “And we tell people that they are made of plastic?” Of course not. In the end, it is the users probably do not care, says the two-minute spot. Instead, it is made absolutely clear: “We can demand as much as we want.”

The background: Apple on 10 September introduced two new iPhone models, the flagship iPhone and the iPhone 5S 5C. It is made of plastic and is sold in five bright colors. However, the price caused by many fans for horror: just 600 Euros Apple requires for its plastic cell phone. Too much, some analysts believe.

 iPhone, Apple, Microsoft, smartphone

scene from the now withdrawn from the mains Microsoft Clip ©

Microsoft is not the first smartphone manufacturer who shoots against Apple. But trying to make the competitors look old without presenting its own product itself is risky. It was not long until Microsoft flew to the spot on the net around the ears. Do not forget, “Steve Ballmer once laughed about the iPhone when it came to the market he has learned not to laugh Apparently it has the rest of the company does not understand instead of Apple and Sun writes the” Business Insider “… to mock his iPhone, Microsoft should practice humility, lowered his head and get to work to develop a better product. ” And submit the same once again: “Sometimes it’s better just to keep quiet times.” This has been sitting.

Microsoft has quickly responded and took the spot after only one day from the net. This video is no longer available on the YouTube channel of the company. However, copies are already circulating in the network. A company spokesman has already commented on the incident: The clip was nothing more than a “Merry pushed against our friends from Cupertino”. But you had overshot the target and have therefore decided to withdraw the video.

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