Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Google phone: Nexus bartender caught 5 at the bar - Times Online

images show the secret prototype of the new Google smartphone, which is expected in October. An employee there had allegedly lying unattended in a bar.

The Nexus 4 is sold out to Google.

The Nexus 4 is sold out to Google. | © Screenshot / TIME ONLINE

Larry Page appears to be a friendly boss. At least his staff at Google are obviously quite relaxed and handle themselves innocently in a celebratory mood with highly sensitive equipment. One of them has recently been followed in a bar a very human need. Before he disappeared to the loo, he briefly plugged the charger at the counter of his phone-in.

A process by which there would be little to report -. had it not acted at the device to the new and previously top-secret smartphone Nexus 5


Now it is also true that in California seem to recognize themselves bartender if they have a prototype in front of him. And so it happened, what had to happen: The man took the phone in his hand and promptly shot a few photos and videos of the device. He was then of course get a relevant online magazine that they promptly published.

A lot of time seems to have had images thief while the owner went about his business. Came into circulation only a few photos of the front and back. In the videos is to see how the curious counter specialist fails the lock mechanism of the phone.


Google now has a little “scandal” of course, only the PR rituals of the tech industry follows. Press conferences and product keynotes, that was yesterday. Anyone who thinks anything of himself, nowadays loses prototype in a bar

It has 2010 employees of Apple under the influence of German beer led the way with the iPhone 4th A colleague is this shining example followed in 2011 with the iPhone 4S and plenty of verve. Also at Google in 2012, a similar mistake happened, well, with the Nexus 4 And even Microsoft has come to similar carelessness, while sitting in the but much further north in Redmond, near Seattle.

But of course it is with all the listed incidents just a series of coincidences. Such a coincidence, it is certainly that the images of the Nexus are 5 around the same time get into circulation with the message that the predecessor model Nexus is 4 out of both the 8-gigabyte as in the 16-gigabyte version of the Google Play Store .

leakte the Google Nexus 5 is already itself

is now expected in mid-October with the launch of the Nexus 5 after Apple has just presented its new flagship product, the iPhone 5S, and some especially for the Asian market 5C.

A good time, then, as many now wait to see what comes from Google. Besides the photos currently not much. Technical specifications are further unknown. The bar-photos seem to confirm what already after the leak in the U.S. regulatory authority for communications (FCC) of rumors circulated., A smartphone with a five-inch screen and a plastic housing

Since the Nexus 5 – also of course totally by accident – appeared briefly in the commercial for the new Android operating system KitKat, it may be assumed that this just runs on the new smartphone.

Whether it actually as rumored contains a Snapdragon processor 800 is really not visible in the dim bar lighting. More will obviously not reveal at this time Google.

all covert PR has the openness of borders, a bit of mystery to me. Therefore quite possible that the Group vigorously as similar as Apple is going against those who have taken care of this attention. This is mirrored in the Nexus 5 screen face of the bartender Photoshop experts have already made marked. The young man would soon learn firsthand how friendly Google CEO Larry Page really is.

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