Sunday, September 15, 2013

Privacy advocates warn against finger scanner in iPhone - Spiegel Online

Hamburg Supervisor John Caspar warns of the function of the fingerprint stored in Apple’s new iPhone 5S. “Biometric features you can not delete. Join us life long. Fingerprints should therefore not make for everyday authentication method, especially if they are stored in a file,” Caspar told SPIEGEL.

Apple’s argument that the fingerprint data would be stored only on the device, Caspar does not consider striking. “The normal user is currently impossible to control in a position to do what apps to the phone, the device on which data they access, what information they read.” Even before the discovery of the NSA Spähprogramms prism it was not without risk, to trust technical arrangements.

“Furthermore, the principle of data minimization applies. Where it does not have to be, you should not leave his biometric data. Certainly not out of convenience,” Caspar told SPIEGEL. Apple had announced at the presentation of the iPhone 5S to provide apps and developers initially no access to the “Touch ID” function mentioned. Only unlock the phone and make purchases at Apple to work with fingerprint.

Apple executives Phil Schiller said at the presentation, half of the users would not use a lock code for your phone. Have shown that its own investigation. Given the data stored on the phone – emails, photos, contacts – not a good idea. IT security expert Bruce Schneier, then called the fingerprint scanner in his blog as a good balance between security and convenience.

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