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15 years Google: services, equipment, tops and flops - COMPUTER BILD


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from the engine to the world Group: For 15 years, Google online and blended on the industry. Time for the anniversary, there is the big picture.

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Google is celebrating the 15th anniversary of his company.

From the garage to the multinational
Google Inc. put in the past 15 years, a long way: The company, which initially operated two students from the U.S. elite university Stanford in a garage, has grown into a multinational corporation with more than 70 offices in over 40 countries. The founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page met in 1995 at the University at San Francisco Bay, where both were studying computer science. Brin was 22, Page 21 years old. Together they developed the search engine “BackRub,” in which they “Google” renamed in 1997. In 1998 the two founded Google, Inc., and the unstoppable rise began. Today, Google is the most used search engine of the Internet, the company has over 44,000 employees

confusion around Google’s birthday

In the past, Google celebrated his birthday companies on different days. This leads to some confusion about why some media Google already 7 Were cheers of September. On his website, Google calls while not unique anniversary this year, the company celebrates but – as in some previous years – its anniversary on 27 September. In this sense: Congratulations, Google

Google Maps

Google’s mapping service “maps” is also a fixture on the Internet: Many users are surfing daily on the collected maps, calculate distances and can suggest routes and find out where shops are located. Moreover, they may even contribute to Maps, by correcting errors and mark new points on the map. But Maps is more than just an aid thanks to its many extensions. “Street View” shows users panoramic images of the places that interest them. This function is used on the one hand, to look around before visiting the other hand, as users discover and unknown cities, distant sights and exciting landscapes.

Google Glass

One of the most exciting inventions to the Google currently tinkering, Google Glass. The revolutionary data glasses connects wirelessly to your phone and the owner extends the capabilities of mobile phones: The glasses can be controlled by voice commands and allows you to take videos and photos freehand to make calls as well as SMS and e-mail writing. A small display in front of the right eye inform the institution about an incoming call or directions. Currently selected test 8,000 individuals 50 grams, the data glasses for everyday use and give Google feedback about experiences and problems. The company then repaired from the vulnerabilities. Until all are removed, it will probably take awhile: Rumor Glass comes to the market in 2014


Another important development from Google’s mobile operating system Android, in 2008 its triumphant on smartphones and tablets took: now are active over a billion devices using the open-source operating system. Accordingly successful is the associated App Store, the Google “Play Store” baptized. Here are over 975,000 applications available for download. In addition to various apps, there are movies to buy books and music. Android is preinstalled on smartphones and tablets from different manufacturers – most Android devices Samsung has sold. The current version 4.3 is nicknamed “Jelly Bean”. But Google already announced the successor: Android “KitKat” (4.4) is still published in 2013. Insiders of a start on 14 From October.

Nexus devices

But what is its own operating system without proper smartphones, to present it to them? Here, Google has come up with something special: the Nexus series. Since Google made no mobile phones to the purchase of Motorola’s smartphone division, the company cooperated in the past with major hardware manufacturers such as LG, Asus and Samsung to bring Android optimized devices on the market. With each new major version of Android was a new Nexus smartphone. 2012 There was also the first time two Nexus tablet, the Nexus 10 and the Nexus 7 The latter was a highly regarded 2013 edition. After 2012, the Google Nexus 4 released, the Android fans waiting for a new Nexus phone. Long it seemed as if the individual composable Moto X be the successor, the phone came out but for the time being only in the United States. The tense wait for the Nexus 5 continues.

Popular Apps from Google

Google also provides several free Android apps available that allow users to make life a little easier in Play. A highlight is “Google Now”, an application that is created based on the habits of the user search queries and digital flashcards with practical information. Now the functions are part of the Google Search app. Google Now displays, among other things, the weather, upcoming appointments, the quickest way home and the game result of the favorite clubs. A handy app, but collects a lot of information about the user and requires a complete networking of Google services. Another popular Google app is “Hangouts”: a chat program that is integrated into various Google services such as Gmail or Google+, is accessible mobile and on the desktop and in addition to normal VoIP telephony and conferencing with up to ten participants to .

cemetery of the switched off Google services

Google experimented a lot with new services and features, so it is inevitable that one or the other offer exceeds its expiration date. Meanwhile, there are a whole graveyard for used Google services. This unique land missteps such as the immature social network Buzz. Some services are missing while only a few users, other mourning (almost) the entire Internet community after. One such service is the Google Reader, the company on the 1st July 2013 sent into retirement.

Chrome browser and Chrome OS

Another important component of Google’s services is the Chrome browser. Introduced in 2008, it is one of the most popular browsers. Like the other manufacturers also improved its browser Google constantly: version 29 is currently available for download. In addition to the browser, Google has developed an eponymous operating system for personal computers: “Chrome OS” is based on Linux and works mainly with web applications, some of which are also used offline. The OS benefit from constant updates from the network and the access to content in the cloud storage. Laptops running Chrome OS is set plays itself “Chromebooks” call. They are available in Germany since 2011 and are produced by different manufacturers.


Google+ is Google’s social network, which has long acted as a Facebook competitor. After its launch in 2011 quickly became clear that Google+ wants more, to network with each other as friends. The site is the profile of each user of Google services. With this profile, users link their various Google accounts (such as YouTube, Gmail or Picasa) with their identity.


YouTube belongs to Google since 2006. The California-based company bought the video platform for 1.65 billion U.S. dollars. At first it was on YouTube, especially short Amateurfilmchen and cat videos, today politicians and TV are represented on the website. YouTube is ranked the third most visited web pages, and every hour 72 hours a new video will be uploaded.

future research

That Google wants to be involved in major innovations in the future, is evident in any of the current projects of the company: It is about nothing less than the development of a self-driving cars. Google’s mission is to create intelligent cars that drive themselves without driver himself. So it should come to less accidents caused by human error. The U.S. state of Nevada granted the autonomous cars driving by Google already has a trial license, with which the vehicles may be on the road in normal traffic – a test driver, however, has to be always on board. Google is also a collaboration with the Continental Company and IBM entered into, which is to advance the work on the car of the future. 15 years after its inception, the company is obviously much more than just relevant search results.

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