Friday, September 13, 2013

Microsoft Cortana: Talk to me! - Heise Newsticker

offer Apple’s Siri and Google Now some time, Microsoft wants to provide for its Windows Phone customers: Code-named Cortana, the company developed a virtual voice-activated assistant. How ZDNet reported to the functions of Cortana – named after an artificial intelligence from Microsoft’s Halo game series – go far beyond the simple finding of appointments or phone numbers, but rather to sämliche devices and services used by the user be seamlessly integrated.

The technical basis for the knowledge engine Satori will be that Microsoft’s Bing search engine has been enhanced with semantic search capabilities, similar to Google’s Knowledge graph or Wolfram Alpha. ZDNet also wants to have learned that Cortana is the basis for a new user interface coming in Windows Phone, Xbox and Windows operating systems and will replace the existing interface. Apparently, these are the “service-enabled shell” that Steve Ballmer has mentioned mid-July in a speech to the restructuring of the Group. (jss)

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