Saturday, September 28, 2013

Class action suit approved: Keyword search in Gmail may be illegal -

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh has a class action lawsuit against Google approved, subject to the violations of wiretapping laws by the automatic scanning of email content. She pointed to its decision, the objection Google’s back, which had requested a dismissal of the action.


Google argued that, users would have approved this procedure with the accepted terms of use. The service they received in return an e-mail provider, belongs to the normal business running even browsing, e-mails for keywords. Other e-mail subscribers, sent the messages to Gmail users, the practice would be known to scan e-mails to filter out spam and deliver targeted ads – hence its indirect agreement is presupposed


“Google’s alleged eavesdropping of e-mail content is primarily used to create user profiles and deliver targeted advertising – and both have nothing to do with the transmission of e-mails,” the judge ruled. Google’s terms and conditions and privacy policies not disclosed clearly to the scanning of e-mail content with the intention to show you tailor your ads so determined according to the interests of users. The implied consent of non-Gmail users called it a “far-fetched theory.”

“The decision means that wiretapping laws apply to national as well as at the federal level on the Internet,” said Jon Simpson of the consumer advocacy group Consumer Watchdog, referring to laws that were originally created for telephone communication. “It is a huge victory for privacy online. Companies like Google can not easily do with our data and e-mails, what they want. “

“We are disappointed with this decision and think about our other options to,” said a Google spokesman. “The automatic scanning allowed us to offer the Gmail users more security and spam protection as well as great features like Priority Inbox.”

Yahoo will track the progress of a class action carefully, as it also scans e-mails to its over 300 million users to deliver targeted advertising can. The competing platform however refrained as Microsoft said in a policy campaign. But Microsoft is conducting scans of email content to combat spam and other unwanted activities. In addition, it uses each subject, award given by the user personal information and its Web search to deliver similar to Google and Yahoo tailor listings.

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