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Apple new smartphones in check costs: the cost of iPhone and iPhone 5S 5C ... - ABC Online

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With the launch of two new iPhone models, the tariff comparison site Verivox recalculated actually save as much contract customers in the handle for “Cheap” iPhone. The surprising result: The iPhone 5S is only between three to five euros more expensive than the iPhone 5C


“A comparison of network operators offer shows that you can save with the cheaper iPhone model 5C over the contract period of two years between 70 and 120 euros,” says Verivox telecommunications expert Sven Ehrmann. This corresponds to a calculated savings of three to five euros per month.Who buys the iPhone 5C at Telekom together with the tariff Complete Comfort M, pays over the two-year term, total 1278.70 euro. In comparison, the iPhone 5S propose the same tariff to 1348.70 euros. So the savings is 70 euros over two years, which corresponds to around three euros a month.
100 euros savings at Vodafone

Will the iPhone 5C at Vodafone ordered with the collective Red S, be it over the entire contract period 1385.65 euros due. The iPhone 5S is the same rate over two years 100 euros more expensive, which corresponds to a calculated savings of approximately four Euros per month.

120 euros saving in O2

The iPhone 5C costs with the O2 tariff Blue All-in M € 1036.76 over two years, the iPhone 5S according 1156.76 euros. Thus here the saving is 120 euros over the two-year term, which are computationally five euros per month

comparison table -. 16GB iPhone 5S in connection with the contract acquired

comparison table – 5C 16 GB iPhone sold in conjunction with Contract

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