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GTA 5: Launch of the gangster epic: the gigantic world of "Grand Theft ... - ABC Online

It is one of the games of the year, announced the sale of open-world spectacle “Grand Theft Auto V” starts. We reveal what players can expect in the gangster epic.

The “ultimate open-world game” wants to create with Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar Games. Supposedly all findings on the design of open world games were emulated for development. That seems to have worked well

The game world is so large as that of “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.”, “Grand Theft Auto IV” and “Red Dead Redemption” together – and consist of the metropolis of Los Santos also climb still wilderness, a huge salt lake, peaks, rivers or military bases.

mountains or drive around

But size and weight are not yet sufficient to make the game exciting. Therefore GTA V gives the player a lot of activities. It is up to him whether he wants to drive around the mountains or with a motocross bike. He can also make a base jump from a helicopter and enjoy the immense height. The free fall from a helicopter takes a few seconds before the player has to pull the ripcord.

When sliding you can see details of the interactive gaming world. For the first time in a Grand Theft Auto game you can see deer and rabbits on the mountains, anglers fishing in a stream. According to Rockstar, the game in gameplay and storytelling will go entirely new ways, in the largest, most diverse and most interactive world that the manufacturer has ever created.

No more closed off bridges

In “Grand Theft Auto V” can quite often write “first” reviewers. For the first time the entire game world from the beginning, for example meadow be freely accessible to the player wait no longer locked bridges. There is first an underwater world that can be visited at any time with a diving suit. And for the first time, there are three main characters, the player can take on.

The three are very different from each other. Franklin is young, smart and determined. He has no problem to work on both sides of the law. Lamar with his best friend, he works as a kind of enforcement Strecker for the unscrupulous car dealers Simeon Yetarian. Franklin loves cars.

bank robbers and military pilot

Trevor is a former military pilot. Despite his sociopathic traits he has his own charm. Trevor and the third main character Michael have indeed worked together before the events in the game, but that was long ago. He now lives in a trailer surrounded by drug dealers and the motorcycle gang “The Lost” near Alamo Lake in Blaine County.

Michael was once the most talented bank robber Vinewoods and one of the most wanted men in America. For a long time he is retired and lives in a witness protection program – arranged by his powerful contacts within the federal agencies. Despite his success, Michael feels pathetic. He leads a loveless marriage with his wife Amanda and has no access to his two spoiled children Tracey and Jimmy. Michael is bored and frustrated and passes the time by drinking whiskey and looking action movies. In the end, he turns back to his life of crime.

protagonists jumping back and forth allowed

Players can freely switch back and forth between the protagonists. This provides a good opportunity to explore the open world, because you can then jump across the map and into the lives of each character. In a tight spot, you can switch to another character. The computer then takes over the role.

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