Saturday, September 21, 2013

iOS 7 available: Server chaos and numerous innovations -

Apple has released the download of the new iPhone operating system, iOS 7 on Wednesday night. Even in the early hours of the servers collapsed under the onslaught together and on many displays the error message appeared “Software update failed. While loading iOS 7.0, an error occurred.” The update is the biggest visual change since the first iPhone and is the iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPad 2 and 3 and the iPad Mini and iPod touch from the 5th Generation available.

The biggest change in iOS 7 is the design that is presented flat, colorful and less playful. In order to visually adjust numerous application vendors have released updates for iOS 7, including as Google or Amazon.


may be for some users also new gestures to control. For example, the “Spotlight” search is now no longer accessible through the Wipe Right, but by wiping down. The multitasking is now displayed as large thumbnails of all apps. The design of the Photo Albums is new and the camera app now offers photo filters and a slow motion mode for videos. Has also been reviewed and re-notification center is a quick access to the main settings by wiping from the bottom up.

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