Sunday, September 22, 2013

Breakdown in "Cygnus" capsule: ISS awaiting fresh supplies - N24

bring food and equipment, garbage pick: These are the main tasks of the “Cygnus” capsule, which is on its way to the ISS. Due to a computer glitch, the transporter may not dock for the time being.


computer problem delayed the coupling of a space shuttle with food and clothing to the International Space Station. The development of the new private company Orbital Sciences ‘Cygnus’ capsule is on her first trip to the ISS. You should be captured by the boom on the station (today) Sunday, and then add the outpost in space.

But then appeared before the start of the maneuver, the data exchange between the approaching visit of the station and a problem occurs, such as NASA announced. The maneuver was therefore postponed by 48 hours on Wednesday.

The space shuttle was launched on Wednesday with a Antares rocket from Wallops spaceport Iceland in the U.S. state of Virginia. He has about 600 kg equipment, including food and clothing, on board. But since this is a test flight, there is no charge, which is urgently required by the ISS residents.

First “Dragon”, now “Cygnus”

about a month to remain docked to the ISS and then with about 750 kg of cargo “Cygnus” – return to the earth – including garbage and scientific experiments. By 2016, Orbital Sciences plans according to the contract with NASA eight missions to the ISS, where a total of 20 tons of cargo to be transported.

“Cygnus” transporter is only the second private space freighter heading out to the ISS. Developed by SpaceX “Dragon” transporter has two supply flights to the ISS behind. By 2016, at least twelve more “Dragon” flights are planned, the order is worth a total of around 1.6 billion dollars (1.2 billion euros).

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