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Valve: With the Steam console come many new to the game - Times Online

The game developer Valve Steam builds on the basis of own game console. Xbox and Playstation but got not only a new competitor, but many.

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So Valve puts his own future -. steam running on the TV in the living room

So Valve puts his own future ago – Steam running on the TV in the living room. | © Valve

The rumors were so right: the gaming platform Steam will actually call not only its own operating system called OS Steam to life, but also own the same console. Which has announced on Wednesday evening, the company Valve. But it will go on the plans of the developer, do not stay far from a device.

2014 Valve will release in collaboration with several producers of a number of Steam gaming machines. The devices should prevail in favor of gamers to the Xbox One, the Playstation 4 and especially against all the specially equipped gaming PC on which Windows runs mostly. Valve represents the operating system, the hardware manufacturer consoles and computers. The latter can adapt the software to their needs.


The concept is the same as with Google. The company develops Android, manufacturers use it for free for their devices and spread it so more and more. Steam could ensure that the conditions in the games industry, to be earned in the billions, sort entirely new.

The announcement is part of a three-phase distributed over the week release concert, whose last act is targeted for Friday. Rumours say it could go 3 in the third part of the PR tour to the long awaited game Half-Life . But that there will ever be such, has been about as often as suspects denied.

is certain, however: while the presentation of plans for a Steam OS, many observers about the far-reaching consequences and the near end of the Windows PC could speculate as a gaming platform, the reaction of the game world to the hardware project seems rather ambivalent to be: equally electrifying as disappointed. “We had expected a bit more,” it says in the tech blog The Verge .

far no hardware shown

Steam has been “only” a platform for the sale and distribution of software and games for cross-linking of the player, which runs on systems Windows, Apple OS X and Linux. However, with its worldwide more than 50 million active users, Steam is definitely trusted to change the balance of power in the operating systems used to play. The ecosystem of program content and devices to this avowedly grow beyond the PC as the previous habitat and find their way into the living room of the users.

the hardware, with the Steam want manages to do this, however, is still not much known, despite the performance on Wednesday night. In the run was much talk of a steam box. Valve uses the word “box” only once in his announcement. Instead, a “high-performance prototype” is mentioned. This will distribute free of charge in a beta version at 300 Valve Tester. Apply for this can be anyone who has a Steam account and have been actively involved in the community. Are photos or technical details of the Steam console, it is not yet.

Anyone can optimize Steam

In addition, the operating system will soon be available for download for free, everyone should play it and can tinker with them. True to its origins, it is based on the open Linux software.

The hope of the developer company Valve is that a number of manufacturers Steam OS running on dedicated gaming computers – and that so many new consoles emerge. “It is as I said several Steam systems with different specifications, costs and services to choose from,” it says on the Steam site, “other systems are based on size, price, or other factors optimized to be silence.”

That sounds like a concept that already has another success – it sounds like Android. Google leaves its operating system other manufacturers charge. It can adapt to their hardware. The market share of Android smartphones is now around 80 percent.

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