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Comments: Google wants to civilize YouTube - TIME ONLINE

There are nasty comments and there are YouTube comments, a separate category of darkness. Google wants to change that and linked to the Kommtearsystem with Google+.

About the singer Miley Cyrus very much evil is being said on YouTube.

is currently on YouTube about the singer Miley Cyrus very much evil said. | © Ethan Miller / Getty Images for Clear Channel

YouTube is famous for the vast amount of videos in it, and notorious for rude comments below. Or, as Wired wrote: There are bad comments and there is the seventh circle of hell, also known as YouTube Comments.

owner Google hopes to change now, YouTube is to be civilized. As stated in an official company blog, the video portal will be linked to the social network Google+.


date is the most recent comment in the first place, including any older. Looking forward, several filters are installed to change that. Then, the comments should be prominently seen coming from members of the same filter bubble, or “celebrities” ( popular personalities ) are reflected or “very lively debate”, as it says in the announcement.

The comment of the random Gone Spilled should disappear so obvious. Or be pushed so far down that he did not even notice. So far, such postings standard and often not nice.


self is not the YouTube comments. That should take care of those who have uploaded the video. Quote: “New tools will help video creators moderate conversations for welcome and unwelcome voices.”


spam, block users

The video owner can then filter according to certain keywords, mark spam or block individual users in its channel for Comments. For viewers, the possibility is established, privately to comment, so it can only see the channel operator.

also Cross-postings are possible: Who says a YouTube video on Google+, whose comment appears on YouTube under the video itself – if he wants to. Defined at Google+ circles of friends and acquaintances can be used to control the scope of those who can see your comments.


but can then only, who also has an account on Google+. So more people are forced into the network.

Google has the whole two positive effects. Firstly, YouTube is cleaner: less offensive, less racism, less jostling between users. At the same time network Google+ is supported. Since there is this, the company is trying to link all the services and offerings that.

pseudonyms further possible

brings more personalized data or creates a central place to aggregate such data. So far, Google has user data – such as the search and e-mail clients – join together so as to obtain commercial benefits. Is all tied to Google+, this is no longer necessary. Anyone can immediately be identified.

Although it should further be possible to operate with a pseudonym and comment on this self-chosen name on YouTube. Nevertheless, before a valid account of Google+ to be associated with it – the public will not appear on Google but the link is visible


change is thus one more thing: Just like the Google search there is then no more YouTube, see it all. The page is personalized, my youtube is different than yours. This is already the case, as already anyone can sign up with Google his address there, so he has one. The future will become the standard.

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