Friday, September 20, 2013

Run on Apple Store | Read Guess Who wegkauft the new iPone - PICTURE

Berlin – On sale starting on Friday around thousand Apple fans waited outside the Apple Store on Kurfürstendamm. Everyone wanted the new iPhone 5S or 5C colorful – but most did not want to keep …

opened on Friday morning at eight clock the Apple Store, Alexander (15) was the first buyers of the new iPhone. For the launch, he has traveled from the Ukraine with his father -. Than 1000 kilometers

Olga healing (22) from Minsk (Belarus) holds in one hand and one of its new iPhone in the other hand the blanket in which she has been waiting 11 hours before the Apple Store

Photo: / Valentine

Olga salvation (22) from Minsk, Belarus already took off on Wednesday in order to be able to buy the new iPhone: “An iPhone is for me the second I sell in Belarus on. So I get mine almost nothing. “16 hours travel time (one way) and it took eleven hours queuing for it to purchase.

per customer allowed a maximum of two Apple devices, almost all intervened twice to. Most sold more then this.

IPhone for 1800 Euros to Ukraine resold

Alexandra N. (28) from Wilmersdorf: “In order to achieve the best price I send the device by express courier today in the Ukraine.” If she’s lucky, she explained, she gets on Friday two more iPhones, since it has been pre-booked at gravis.

“pre-orders” of middlemen, mostly from countries of the former Soviet Union, there are plenty. The devices that are not bought in Berlin, have already long since sold, reserved, reveals Alexandra -. EUR per piece for 1800 available in 13 hours serpent, which gives 140 Euros hourly wage.

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