Saturday, September 28, 2013

Monkey handle Windows: Bill Gates: "Ctrl + Alt + Del" was a mistake - ABC Online

Every PC user knows the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del: It serves as a front door to a Windows computer, and the first-aid action when a program crashes. But the key combination accidentally came in handy about.

The Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates unveiled at a fundraising event at Harvard University in the U.S.. “It was a mistake,” Gates said.

“We could have a single button, but the guy who designed the IBM keyboard, wanted to give us no separate button,” said the former Microsoft boss.

The key combination that is denominated in US keyboards Ctrl + Alt + Del, was from the beginning part of the Microsoft Windows operating system. A video of the speech from the weekend was launched on Thursday

div To watch the video with Bill Gates at YouTube. Click here

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