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Samsung CEO: Our next Galaxy model also gets a 64-bit ... -

class=”wp_keywordlink”> Apple is the first smartphone launched this week with a 64-bit processor, but Samsung does not intend to his competitors to let this lead time. That’s what one of the two CEOs of Samsung Mobile, Shin Jong-kyun, the Korea Times. The next Galaxy smartphone will also be equipped with a 64-bit chip.

32-bit chip Exynos (Image: Samsung)

32-bit chip Exynos (Image: Samsung)

called Shin no date, but said this would happen “in a very short time.” Apple, Samsung also will know how to parry attacks targeted on the markets of Japan and China. “Samsung is clear that Apple’s mobile business in China as well as Japan wants to expand, but that is just saying that we must work hard in these countries especially,” Shin told the newspaper.

Apple introduced iPhone iPhone 5S and 5C on Tuesday. Since the variant 5C is a revised iPhone 5 and its A6 chip used 64-bit processor A7 is currently only used in the iPhone 5S. It is based on the architecture ARMv8.

According to Apple boasts up to twice the CPU and graphics performance of the A7 in certain areas. Apple also has the effect develops iOS 7 and the pre-installed apps, the best possible performance of the A7 processor. This is necessary because for 32-bit processors compiled applications – so first of all on the App Store – the advantages of 64-bit can not use. The disadvantage of a 64-bit processor is also the size of the applications that can double up. Also, the power-hungry chip is probably the reason why Apple iPhone 5S reports only a slight extension of battery life.

The introduction of 64-bit, however, promises massive long-term benefits. The largest: 64-bit chips can address more than 4 GB of memory units. The mobile device is still irrelevant, but it will not be forever. Ironically, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 now comes with 3 GB. From the larger set of commands of a 64-bit processor also benefit especially multimedia applications. The most powerful graphics unit of the chip that supports OpenGL ES version 3.0

: that the iPhone 5S excels in this area, but has another reason.

marketing chief Phil Schiller, Apple sets the A7 ago (Image: marketing chief Phil Schiller, Apple sets the A7 ago (Image:

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