Thursday, September 19, 2013

Second private space freighter on its way to the ISS - "Cygnus" brings ... - NEWS

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Thursday 19 September 2013

supplies for the astronauts on board the ISS: A space shuttle with hundreds of kilograms of equipment, including food and clothing, breaks on the International Space Station. It is the first flight of the “Cygnus” capsule developed by the company Orbital Sciences to the ISS.

The Antares rocket " " starts with the transporter " " Cygnus aboard the ISS direction. The launcher “Antares” starts with . the transporter “Cygnus” on board the ISS direction (Photo: AP)

The U.S. company Orbital Sciences has sent to the International Space Station’s first space shuttle “Cygnus”. A two-stage rocket of the type “Antares” brought the unmanned spacecraft for its maiden voyage into space. The rocket lifted off shortly after the scheduled start time on Wednesday at 10.58 clock (local time clock 16.58 GMT) from Space Center in Wallops, Virginia and placed on “Cygnus” successfully in orbit.

on Sunday to reach the ISS, then the space capsule. On board of “Cygnus” are 590 kg food, clothing and other cargo for the ISS crew. Total to “Cygnus” remain docked to the ISS for about a month and then with about 750 kg of cargo – to return to Earth

– among other refuse and scientific experiments.

“leadership” of the U.S. in space

Orbital Sciences, SpaceX is next to one of two private U.S. companies to bring supplies to the International Space Station for the U.S. space agency NASA. NASA chief Charles Bolden said after the launch of “Cygnus” from another “milestone” in the private space. “The extraordinary efforts of orbital help us to fulfill the promise of American innovation and the leadership of our nation to compete in the space,” said Bolden.

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  •  Kirobo was the famous comic hero in Japan Tetsuwan Atomu modeled. 05:09:13 “One small step for me …” robot astronaut in space holds first speech
  • Antares sets 22:04:13 Antares sets” picture-perfect launch “back U.S. private rocket is finally on test flight
  • the mission is to verify whether the “Cygnus” can easily dock with the ISS. If the test is successful, Orbital Sciences could start regular flights to the space station within months. The company already has a $ 1.9 billion (1.4 billion euros) heavy contract for supply of eight flights in early 2016.

    NASA shuttle program in 2011 it had set and it no longer has its own space fleet. SpaceX had written history in May 2012 when his unmanned spacecraft “Dragon” as the first private spacecraft docked to the ISS. So far, the space shuttle from SpaceX completed three flights to the ISS. Unlike “Cygnus” “Dragon” Cargo can return from the space station and back to earth.


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