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IAA 2013: Vitamin E - FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Manufacturer BMW i3 is in the world under current

The question arises before every Mass: Which highlights on offer this year? At the IAA 2013 in Frankfurt, two main points emerge: On almost every stand, a hybrid vehicle can be seen at many even a pure electric car. And everywhere is set to even greater networking, the iPod generation moves into the car and brings her entertainment program regardless of the data cloud. Since the motor vehicle to be prepared. Usually works in comparison almost always the valid proposition that can only sell cars through emotions. But since the design is now at the forefront of decision-making, also put almost all providers in a more dynamic design language.

A crowd puller is the BMW i3, the first modern electric vehicle of Bavaria, which is available as a pure electric car, and also with a two-cylinder gasoline engine as a range extender. The pricing in 35,000 or 40,000 euros, the “established” competition Opel startled, and then wait for the Rüsselsheim with the first bang on the show: Opel lowers the price of its electric car Ampera at 7600 euros to 38,300 euros. Thus, the cross-subsidization increases. Pressure also exert weak sales (around 200 a month Ampera in Europe), which could be a warning to all others. But there is a view into the world, where increasing the sales of electric cars Nissan Leaf for months remarkably, and so not only BMW wants to be there when the selection changes, but also VW, which electrify the Up and golf

coming to market in the fall of E-Up, however, proves how high the fruit still hanging. It starts with lush 26,900 EUR (including battery), which are more than 5200 euros a larger Renault Zoé (plus battery hire from 79 euros per month). UP continues with its 82-hp electric motor maximum of 130 km / h and after Norm 160 miles. He is expected to remain in this discipline under the French.

The industry discovered stockings slowly in electrical engineering

Painfully, but surely feeds the squirrels. Until the end of 2014 bring only the German manufacturer 16 series models with electric drive on the market. “If the conditions are right, we are already talking about next year, five-digit numbers,” exults Matthias Wissmann, president of the industry association VDA. Well, he says it.

The Audi A3 Cabriolet takes off his Pummelpo Manufacturer The Audi A3 Cabriolet puts his Pummelpo from

no dispute on the rise is the plug-in hybrid, which usually combines an electric motor with a gasoline engine with a diesel rare. Despite the lavish extras will obviously no way around it, because the start of the journey through the outlet charged battery allows some kilometers locally emission-free mobility. Which is to meet the exhaust emission limits advantageous in future possibly limited navigable inner cities even indispensable. Suppose BMW: The dynamics of Bavaria undertook to present the new X5 once a fully developed study, the hybrid gasoline-electric driving 30 kilometers allowed. Development Officer Herbert Diess no longer jerks long in the question of when a hybrid drive is available in all BMW model series. “Around the year 2020,” he says, closing the conceptual difficult to adjust, small series with a front wheel drive to mini.

The electric motors have disadvantages in weight and space with him, but slowly the industry discovered stockings. The electric machine is good thanks Einzelradsteuerung boost function and also the joy of driving. In curves can be improved traction. Unloved vibrations and moments of inertia of the engine can fade. With the spread of the prices should go down. Open is just that money choose between the electric machine manufacturer and Nitro (can). Sure, however, seems that the combustion engines, primarily for reasons increasingly stringent emission limits in the future always be smaller. Some manufacturers pulls the ripcord: Volvo waived five-and six-cylinder engines and is based on four cylinders to down


In Frankfurt, the sharpest dresses are offered

It will be important to ensure that the emotions do not come too short. In this IAA especially dynamic design, entertainment and Internet services are responsible for this. The apps pull into the car, programmable display panels are everywhere in fashion. For Citroën, can have personal photo albums on display together on the beloved group of children smiling not only from the picture frame on the desk. Opel is currently fairly far forward in good and cheap infotainment systems, will fetch linguistically gifted apps in the Insignia, understand the questions and the answers feed directly into the navigation system.


eye and heart touching because hardly seems to suffice. The sharpest dresses are offered in Frankfurt again. We think not (only) those of the hostesses. Mercedes-Benz has the sharp S-Class Coupe here, a racy Opel Monza Concept, the beautiful Peugeot 308, the Volkswagen Golf Plus, which is now Sportsvan. There should be something for every taste.

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IAA 2013: Vitamin E

IAA 2013

Vitamin E

From Holger Appel

At this year’s IAA in Frankfurt, two main points emerge: the manufacturers rely on hybrid and electric cars as well as a stronger networking and entertainment


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