Monday, September 23, 2013

Chaos Computer Club: CCC hacked the iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner - Times Online

members of the Chaos Computer Club have the new Apple Touch ID hacked. What Apple advertises as a safety innovation that can be cut short by simple means.

The iPhone 5s with fingerprint reader

The iPhone 5s with fingerprint sensor | © AFP

members of the Chaos Computer Club have hacked the new biometric security feature of Apple TouchID. The hackers had photographed to a fingerprint from a glass surface, creating an artificial finger. This allowed them to unlock an iPhone 5s, which was protected by the TouchID.

The new iPhone 5s is equipped with a fingerprint sensor to make the phone according to statements by Apple safer than conventional sensors. Now the chaos showed Computer Club (CCC) that this technique does not seem to work. The CCC said: “In order for the hacker demonstrated once again that biometric data to prevent unauthorized access are completely inappropriate.”


To overcome the security function, the hackers took only a few materials: a computer, a laser printer, an overhead transparency and white wood glue. The unlock it documented in a video.

“The public should no longer be led around by the biometrics industry with false statements on the nose,” said Frank Rieger, the speaker of the CCC. “Biometrics is adapted to monitor and control not for everyday devices secure from access by people.”

Many countries now have their identity documents with fingerprints. In Germany, optional two fingerprints are stored in the identity card since 2010. According to CCC, this is ineffective and does not increase the security of the document.

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