Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mobile test of Apple iPhone 5C: Expensive Plastic iPhone with Super Battery - ABC Online

pink and green instead of black and white: The iPhone is Apple’s first smartphone 5C squeakingly plastic garment. It is more robust than the iPhone 5S – and the battery lasts longer. But the phone is not a bargain

‘s never happened before. Squeakingly an iPhone in plastic garment! With the iPhone, Apple 5C tries to win new buyers, the pink and green instead of black and white favor. Thus, the second new apple mobile phone looks younger and fresher, but the prices reach the old level: Just times 100 euros without a contract is the 5C below the iPhone 5S

But what exactly are the two novices differ.? And what progress has been made over the iPhone 5? But above all:

If the answers to these acquisition of 5C at all a good idea, given the relatively slightly lower price and all other details are the FOCUS online test

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