Monday, September 30, 2013

Following the announcement of Telekom telephone company also wants Congstar DSL ... - ABC Online

information Congstar FOCUS will also take its customers to the data line. The subsidiary of Telekom intends by 2014 to set a data limit for fixed line customers. What that will be is not yet known.

div after the Telekom wants to regulate their subsidiary Congstar the data speed for DSL connections. A company spokesperson confirmed the news magazine FOCUS: “We plan to introduce a data cap for fixed line customers.” An exact time for he did not name. From the telecom circles was reported that the subsidiary would change their terms and conditions

2014 at the latest two years later, the real limitation of the data volume will be implemented -. Way it had already informed its customers that Telekom. The outgoing CEO René Obermann announced in the spring to introduce a monthly data cap of 75 gigabytes for beginners tariffs. The change affects not only new customers but also those who choose a different telecom tariff.

Also apparently Vodafone does wonder to throttle its data network. Thus, the company recently acquired cable Germany is already heavy users a day surfing limit of ten gigabytes. A company insiders said FOCUS: “Vodafone is impossible to existing DSL customers can surf unlimited and new throttle cable customers.” Officially, the company denies such plans

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