Friday, September 27, 2013

IPCC has sounded the alarm: sea level rise faster than previously thought - ABC Online

The polar ice caps melting, droughts cause famines, the sea level continues to improve – and faster than previously thought, as the new UN climate report results. Was the main culprit in mind: man

the sea level will, according to the IPCC rising faster than previously thought.. The researchers reported the body in the fifth World Climate Report, whose core thesis is presented in Stockholm on Friday. In the largest climate it increases thereafter until the end of this century, at least 26 centimeters by 82 centimeters in the worst case. “While heating the oceans and melting glaciers and ice sheets, global sea level will continue to rise, but faster than we have seen in the last 40 years,” said one of the co-chairs of the relevant Working Group 1, Qin Dahe.

In its Fourth Assessment Report of the IPCC had predicted in 2007 still increases between 18-59 centimeters.

mankind responsible for 95 percent

As primarily responsible for global warming, the researchers see the people. It can be assumed that the increase since the middle of last century, temperatures are due to 95 percent on humanity, said delegates of the UN Panel of renowned climate scientists. Global warming had itself recently slowed, the report said. This development is probably only temporary though.

Temperatures on Earth could rise by the end of this century at various scenarios of 1.5 to 4 degrees Celsius, according to the scientists.

More heat waves, droughts, floods and sea level rise, urgently called for action necessary to limit the harmful CO2 emissions.

“heat wave occurred most likely due to more frequent and last longer”, said the IPCC, which stands for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change stands. In the course of global warming, scientists expect more humid regions of the world more rainfall and drier get even less. “But there will be exceptions.”

thousands of studies evaluated

For part 1 of the current climate report 259 lead authors have analyzed thousands of scientific studies over the past four years. Their core theses they have combined on 30 pages. The full report appears on Monday. Parts 2 and 3 of 5 World Climate Report deal with the effects of climate change and policy options to slow him down. They will be presented in spring 2014 in Japan and Berlin.

Worldwide, approximately 200 countries have committed to develop by 2015 a UN agreement with the aim of counter to control climate change.

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