Friday, September 20, 2013

Run on new operating system: iOS 7 downloads let Apple Servers ... - ABC Online

The New Apple operating system iOS 7 is available recently. And obviously very popular. To start the rush paralyzed temporarily Apple’s servers and led the group to an internal alarm message to its employees.

Many users have reported problems downloading the software, and in subsequent activation. Apple iOS 7 had early on Wednesday night released European time, middle of the day in the USA. At various customers broke more than 700 megabytes Download the new iOS system with an error message. According to information from the blog “Apple Insider” and “9to5Mac,” the group reported in an internal alarm message to his staff of server problems. Apple blogger Jim Dalrymple felt like after a “bar brawl” with the activation servers. On Thursday morning, the update ran smoothly again.

Delayed activation is a problem, because you then despite the software updates can not initially use their own telephones. On Thursday showed Apple’s online status monitor green light for all systems on.

The rush on Wednesday also made the computer networks at several American universities to create. As reported, among other things, the New York University and Michigan University wireless problems.

employees of some companies reported in the online social network Twitter that the internet connection seemed slower than usual in the office. 7 With iOS, the user interface is so heavily revised at any time since the launch of the first iPhone model in year 2007. There are also many new features. Updating the software runs either on the device itself or via Apple’s iTunes software for PC and Mac. The software is free and there can be devices from the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2 update. According to the company nearly 700 million devices worldwide running the iOS operating system.

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