Monday, September 23, 2013

Microsoft event in the Ticker: A Retrospective Microsoft shows super fleet "Surface 2 ... - ABC Online

Microsoft shows the successor to his far only moderately successful tablet computer Surface: Surface and Surface Pro 2 2 should be significantly faster and last longer. All information in the ticker gleanings of FOCUS Online

clock 17:37. The event is

to end . 17:35 clock: The Surface Pro 2 is available in various configurations: 64 gigabytes of storage and 4GB of RAM, 128GB of storage and 4GB of RAM, 256GB of memory and 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB and 8 GB of RAM Soeicher .

17:33 clock: Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 come on 22 October in 21 countries on the market – that is, four days after the launch of Windows 8.1. Surface 2 will cost from 449 dollars Surface Pro 2 from $ 899. The Surface RT still costs $ 349

div If you want to watch the video for the Microsoft Surface 2 in the YouTube channel of “TechLifeChannel”. Click here

div 17:31 clock: One of the covers for the Surface 2 can remix music – in combination with an app. This is now just presented clock 17:28. Panay reveals that Microsoft is already working on Surface 2 before the first model was launched a year ago

17:24 clock: According to Microsoft Surface Pro 2 costs $ 899

clock 17:22. It’s about Touch Cover 2 It is one millimeter thinner than its predecessor and gets a backlight. It should be able to anticipate what the user typed – depending on the letters that he types. According notion stuck in there nearly 1100 sensors. In the first version there were 80

div If you want to watch the video for the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 YouTube channel “TechLifeChannel”: Click here

div 17:21 clock: “one more thing” to announce Microsoft – like Apple earlier 17:20 clock: The Surface 2 will cost $ 449.. 200 GB SkyDrive storage space you get for two years if you buy a Surface 2

clock 17:16. Microsoft relies on the Cloud: SkyDrive automatically creates backups of everything, what to do with the Surface devices in the cloud

clock 17:13. Now, multitasking and the camera functions are shown. The camera has been optimized for Skype

clock 17:08. There are demos to be seen. Office on the Surface 2 – four applications simultaneously (Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook)

17:04 clock: “There is nothing that this device will slow”. he says. 100 000 apps there should be. At the start of the first surface-generation there were 10 000

17:02 clock: The battery life has been improved by 25 percent. “I use the unit for twelve hours a day,” says Panay. The Surface 2 comes with Windows 8.1 on the market

clock 17:00. The new device is much faster. The processor performance is significantly better, says Panay. Also, the Surface 2 Surface gets the logo, the Windows logo missing

clock 16:58. The new Surface is lighter and thinner than before, and it is also in silver be available. It gets a Full HD display. Visually, it recalls the previous

clock 16:56. The Surface 2 was apparently revised. Microsoft was based on user requirements, says Panay

clock 16:55. It runs a demo of the Type 2 Cover And then the Surface 2

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