Monday, July 1, 2013

Worldwide data the NSA spying: How to protect your private data from the ... - ABC Online

emails, Facebook messages, searches, Skype chat: your data on the Internet is not secure. Intelligence agencies like the NSA snooping online. But you can foreclose -., And protect your data

If you are on the web, you become a transparent person. Everything you enter search at Google or Facebook is scanned and analyzed. That is what the companies to be able to show relevant ads. But others are also interested in the power of your information. The U.S. NSA peeks out with a program billions of messages, Facebook messages, photos and videos. 100 billion prism collects data units every month, even in Germany. U.S. companies like Facebook, Apple, Google, Skype, and Yahoo announced further data

Facebook, Yahoo, etc. it had become public, how much they have betrayed to NSA. U.S. authorities asked the second half of 2012, the data of only 50 000 users each of Facebook and Microsoft from. Make with Apple to 10 000 users were self-reported by December 2012 to May 2013 affected.

full invisible you can not though if you are on the web. But you can protect yourself from the prying – On the following pages we will show you how

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