Saturday, July 6, 2013

Which provider provides the best network? - N24

Who has the fastest downloads and the best reception? The “connect” magazine has been measured and marked the fixed line provider in Germany. There are also surprises.


landline provider provides the best sound quality and the fastest internet? The fixed network of specialists have examined zafaco “connect” DSL and cable connections for the magazine.

ahead was an old acquaintance: Telekom convincing as in the previous “high and stable all-round perfomance”, the measured values ??in the voice or data traffic were “nothing to be desired”


Hot on the heels is the market leader according to “connect” the power of Unity Media, which reaches very close in terms of voice connections and HTTP downloads on the quality of the leader. Behind Vodafone followed with “respectable performance”, 1 & 1 and Kabel BW. Last year’s runner slid it from place to fifth In the test, there had been major failures of the important for voice calls voice switches, the results of the measurements were noisy data “connect” still comparable to those of the Unity Media and Telecom

could improve

Stark Telefónica/O2 at # 6 with the overall rating of “Good”. The last and seventh place occupied Cable Germany, the “weaknesses” revealed in comparison to the competition among both broadband and DSL providers and only a “satisfactory” gets only provider


the test evaluation were incorporated 1.6 million measurement of test terminals at 26 locations. The data were collected over the period of one month in Germany.

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