Friday, July 5, 2013

Also, the "grand frère" listens with: France's secret service spied in a big way - ABC Online

French President Hollande had last indignant nor the NSA spy scandal in the United States. However, according to a media report also exists in France a massive intelligence network, tapping phones, intercepting SMS and email is reading. Premier Ayrault says: not quite true

In France, there is information to the newspaper “Le Monde” a huge secret program to monitor electronic communication!. The paper reported in its Friday edition, the foreign intelligence service DGSE

self stores systematic connection data for telephone calls, text messages and e-mails that go through French lines. Information on Twitter and Facebook messages were for years on supercomputers in Paris stored DGSE headquarters and evaluated when needed. Have access to the data in addition to the domestic security service, among other customs, says report. Content of messages or conversations were not recorded.

Hollande’s party wants to know anything

The office of Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said on Thursday evening, the report was “not exactly”. There are “multiple services”, the intercepted data for safety, including the DGSE, the domestic intelligence service and the customs. All these Spähmaßnahmen be regulated by law. All data requests must be authorized by a national supervisory body and would be documented.

Also, the deputies of the Socialist Party government hp, Jean-Jacques Urvoas, had doubts as to the report. Intelligence matters would be difficult with ‘fantasies and inaccuracies “tolerate explained Urvoas responsible in Parliament for intelligence. That all data have been tapped and stored does not correspond to reality as they know it. The French are a significant and continuous spying outside of each control were not delivered.

No asylum for Snowden

In the U.S. spy affair France had recently still expressed outrage. “We demand that the cease immediately,” President Francois Hollande said, and spoke out even for a postponement of the negotiations on the proposed transatlantic free trade agreement between the EU and the U.S..

div due to his revelations about the U.S. spy pursued ex-intelligence officer Edward Snowden benefits under its not the displeasure of the government in Paris. An asylum application of the 30-year-olds had been rejected by the content and legal examination, the Interior Ministry said on Thursday evening. Also in Italy Snowden can not hope to asylum, as Foreign Minister Emma Bonino said. Previously, a number of other states had already rejected the asylum application Snowden, who is stuck in the transit area of ??Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport for almost two weeks.

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