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App Profits: Android makes good ground to iOS -

app developers achieve increased revenue and profits with Google’s Android platform. You are approaching those achievable with Apple’s iOS, as seen from the “Developer Economics” by Vision Mobile. The market analysts surveyed this 6000 mobile application developers for their monthly sales.

iOS is therefore still in front with average monthly income of $ 5,200. However, Android could significantly reduce the distance with monthly income of $ 4,700. In third place comes Windows Phone $ 3600. HTML5 brings at least average monthly income of $ 2,900, and about $ 10 BlackBerry 1200th

Average monthly revenue of app developers on various mobile platforms (Image: Vision Mobile) Average monthly revenue of app developers on various mobile platforms (Image: Vision Mobile)

recoverable income play an important role for the mobile platforms. So far, pull the iOS application developers therefore against Android before, although the latter has a larger market share. The study gives no information about the extent Amazon contributed with his app store for Android on rising monthly income through the Android platform.

worldwide survey also reveals that HTML5 in the favor of the developer. 52 percent of them use HTML5, while it was still 50 percent in the first quarter. Thus, it is however still behind iOS (56 percent) and Android (71 percent). HTML5 is especially true as a way to develop cross-platform mobile browser. The developer interest in Windows Phone stagnant, while Windows 8 and BlackBerry 10 are apparently on the rise.

developers use HTML5 web technology, especially for creating mobile sites (38 percent), while 23 percent of them create mobile apps that have some offline functionality and deeper integration browser. In hybrid applications, as they are possible, for example with PhoneGap, share 27 percent of mobile HTML5 developers. A minority of about 7 percent uses javascript native APIs, and another 5 percent employ a conversion tool like Appcelerator.

The developers also observe attentively upcoming platforms and already show interest in Firefox OS, which is just been launched. Interest in Windows Phone shifted according to Vision Mobile to Windows 8 The developers seem to be willing primarily to additional financial and time investment in Windows 8 and BlackBerry 10th

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