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Ubuntu Edge: Canonical launches ticket sales of the Linux Smartphones - Digital

23.07.2013, 16:15 clock

By Jan Johannsen

The Egde Ubuntu Canonical has unveiled the first smartphone in the same Linux distribution and started the ticket sales for the flagship phone that also functions as a PC and Android dominated.

 Ubuntu © Canonical Edge

Ubuntu Edge: The first smartphone from Canonical should be able to replace a desktop PC


Even with the introduction of the mobile version of Ubuntu sponsor Canonical announced the that the user a seamless transition between the desktop version and the smartphone operating system should be possible. The Ubuntu Edge goes one step further. Connected via HDMI to a monitor, the phone starts the classic Ubuntu OS and acts as a replacement for the desktop computer.

Android also on board

Besides Ubuntu mobile and the desktop version installed Android Canonical also on the Edge. How to Existing Android users the transition easier and initially the desktop version of the Linux distribution will be opened only on the “Ubuntu for Android” app. . Shortly after the delivery of the equipment the desktop software will be integrated with a mobile update

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A smartphone with the power of a desktop PC

Thus the Ubuntu Edge may launch two mobile operating system and act as a PC replacement at the same time, it requires a powerful feature set. Canonical promises the fastest available quad-core processor and four gigabytes of memory to obstruct. The internal memory will have a capacity of 128 gigabytes – although there is still no indication of how much of them are already occupied by the three operating systems

case of metallic glass

The 64x9x124 mm wide housing the Ubuntu Edge will consist of amorphous metal, which is also known as metallic glass and is a material with a great future, but currently is still the subject of intense research. All four corners of the smartphone will be available for the user, if he considers it in the hand. The background is that Canonical plans to integrate the corners in the operation.

sapphire and silicon Anonden

The 4.5-inch screen of the Ubuntu Edge with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels made from sapphire crystal and thus the zweithärtestem for diamonds natural material. Canonical does not want to impress with a very high pixel density, but puts on a good combination of resolution, contrast and color accuracy.

Innovative battery technology

At the Edge of Ubuntu, Canonical battery also ventured to a new technology. The lithium-ion batteries with silicon anodes is three times greater for the same amount of energy can record than their conventional counterparts

»Download:. Desktop version of Ubuntu for free download

Two cameras and LTE

Two cameras – eight megapixels on the back and two megapixels for video chats on the front – and a dual-LTE chip for access to fast mobile network around the world are also part of the equipment as the usual standards: WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS and various motion and environmental sensors.

Ubuntu planned for affordable smartphones

Despite these high-end specifications to run Ubuntu Mobile on cheap smartphones with basic facilities. The parrallele Android installation would then not possible, as the use of a desktop computer.

Buy by crowdfunding

The Ubuntu Egde you can until 21 August 2013 Pre indiegogo.com on the crowdfunding platform. It costs 830 U.S. dollars. The shipping beats with an additional 30 dollars to book. Converted to a price of around 650 euros to the results still could Taxes and customs duties are – depending on whether you purchase the phone from the U.S. or from the UK. The delivery of the ordered products is planned for May 2014. . The first public version of Ubuntu Mobile is even already be available from autumn 2013

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German Telekom Canonical

The German Telekom is one of the mobile operators, advise the Canonical in the development of the mobile version of Ubuntu. This cooperation should be viewed positively in Bonn, the Ubunut Egde might also be available with an appropriate wireless telecom contract the next year.

Would you replace your PC with a smartphone?

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