Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Apple secures the name "iWatch" in Japan - Spiegel Online

Berlin / Tokyo – Apple wants to protect trademarked the name “iWatch” in Japan. A request was received by the Japanese Patent Office, Bloomberg reported on Monday. The product to be protected is given as a portable computer or clock.

The team that is working on a computer watch, according to a Bloomberg report in February includes about one hundred employees. Among them were next to designers and software developers, managers and marketing experts, it said, citing people informed. The clock should be able to take over some functions of the iPhone and the iPad.

Protection of the name, however, necessarily mean anything – Apple could also just try to tough it close competitors. Since the late nineties, Apple uses the little “i” in its product name. In China, the Group was assumed to already possess the rights to the name “iPad” – but had secured another company to which Apple eventually paid $ 60 million


that Apple is working on a smart watch, at least since February of this year for granted. After several newspapers had reported that a patent application was later discovered with which Apple wants to protect a flexible display for the wrist. As a consequence, other companies had themselves presented plans for Smart Watches.


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