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Carrier bring the first mobile phones with Firefox OS on the market -

Starting tomorrow Telefónica offers in its home market of Spain with the ZTE open to a first smartphone with Firefox OS. It will be available for 69 Euros at the subsidiary Movistar. In the price is included a prepaid credit of 30 euros. Two-year contract with the unit costs 2.38 per month, significantly less than most Android smartphones or Apple’s iPhone.

The ZTE Open is available from tomorrow at Telefónica in Spain (Image: Stephen Shankland / CNET). The ZTE Open is available from tomorrow at Telefónica in Spain (Image: Stephen Shankland / CNET)


launch in Spain marks the first step in the attempt of the mobile phone manufacturers and network operators to use Mozilla’s free, browser-based OS to at Apple and Google regain lost influence. The German Telekom plans to follow suit in the near future and bring in Poland, the Alcatel One Touch Fire on the market, which also uses Mozilla’s mobile operating system.

The technical data of the products marketed by Telefónica Open ZTE smartphone power users can not surely impress. It offers a 3.5-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 480 by 320 pixels, a single-core CPU, a 3.2-megapixel camera, 256 MB RAM and 512 MB of internal flash memory with the included MicroSD can expand card to 4 GB. However, this was not the target group of the Firefox mobile phones, said Yotam Benami, digital director of Open Web Devices for Telefónica. Rather, it is a matter of gaining new and budget-conscious smartphone buyers.

advantages Benami app called about a dynamic search that scours instead of a single app stores the entire Web for suitable applications. “The whole user experience is designed rather simple and uniform. Many users are frustrated by the complexity of Android. “The comparatively low price and long battery life are other advantages of the Firefox mobile phones, particularly in emerging markets.


addition, Telefónica and Deutsche Telekom are also other providers such as Telenor and manufacturers such as Sony, LG and Huawei to more than 20 supporters of Firefox OS. They hope to ensure that the market dominance of Google and Apple soften. Because this control not only the operating system Android and iOS, but also the associated app stores.

“The existing balance of power of the mobile ecosystem is problematic for OEMs, developers, end users and carriers,” said Benami. “Firefox solves many of these problems.” Developers were several ways to distribute their software. Equipment manufacturers benefited from new options and “a way to less litigation,” which alludes to the Benami many legal battles between the biggest smartphone manufacturers. As for the carriers, “we are not bound by rules that are established by a company that owns the platform.”

show the difficulties of Microsoft Blackberry, how hard is it to compete with Android and iOS. The supporters of Firefox OS believe to have found a concept that could work. It is based on a fact that billions of people do not have a smartphone. On the other developer and application ecosystem are not starting from zero through the use of open web technologies. In this connection to the Web also Mozilla’s Chief Operating Officer Jay Sullivan sees the main advantage of Firefox over other OS platforms. “The only remaining ecosystem will revolve around the Web.”

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