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Brits set the bar higher on the Internet: London leads a porn filter-duty - NEWS

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 David Cameron wants to follow up in the fight against Internet pornography strong words into action. David Cameron wants to follow up in the fight against Internet pornography strong words with deeds (Photo: ASSOCIATED PRESS).

Monday 22 July 2013

The British government wants to protect children and young people by allowing to filter and block pornographic content from Internet providers. Users who still want to access such content shall so request.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has the uncontrolled Internet pornography declared war. As the newspaper “The Guardian” reported online, British Internet users have to explain their Internet provider authentic soon if they want to have access to pornography or not.

The new rules

end of next year to come into force. Of new line or after a change of provider, the filters are turned on by default, affected users must decide by the end of 2013 already here, whether they want to apply for a deactivation. Public wireless networks are already the end of July will be filtered wherever children are probably also present.


mobile is filtered

Cameron said in a speech that his government had also an agreement with the UK mobile operators that have agreed to provide their devices automatically with filters. To disable it, users would have to provide proof to be at least 18 years old.

The British government wants to “subversive” by the measures protect especially children and young people from the influence of pornography. Cameron’s action plan provides, among other things, to make the possession of “extreme pornography” simulated rape as a criminal offense. A file created by the child protection agency “Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre” blacklist of “heinous” search terms will help to identify pedophiles who search for illegal content and prevent them from their purpose. The police should have access to a database containing child pornography images to track pedophiles.

Twitter needs no invitation

loud Guardian Cameron has also a clear message to “Google, Bing, Yahoo and others,” who were a part of society. They had a moral duty to intervene, he says. “If there are technical obstacles Leverages is not there, and says it could not be done. Your big brains to overcome them!”

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  • What can be done is shown by the short message service Twitter. Supposedly independent of the pressure of the British government, he has announced to introduce a tagging system to prevent illegal photos posted by its users. Is this possible using Microsoft’s PhotoDNA system, in which images are provided with information (hashes), which are preserved even if the photo is edited. In addition to Microsoft’s services since 2011 also uses Facebook PhotoDNA.

    UK internet providers have preferred a voluntary solution. You’ve already taken some steps to make the Internet safer and would provide, among other optional filter to said association chief Nicholas Lansman the BBC. Although filters are quite a help, but only part of the solution. They could easily get around and it could lead to too many or wrong content are blocked.


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