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The Bureau XCOM: 3rd-person shooter angetestet - Chip Online

The Bureau:. Starting August 23 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

With The Bureau: Declassified drives developer 2K Games XCOM XCOM series one step further forward. We were the third-person shooter with strategy elements on the PC already pre-play and reveal what the title stands out from the competition.

Action + XCOM tactics = headshot?

After the turn-based strategy spectacle XCOM: Enemy Unknown 2K Games is the franchise continues promptly. The Bureau, however, is not a strategy game in the true sense – instead, it combines classic third-person action with tactical elements. The Bureau plays in 1962, while aliens attack the Earth. The player goes directly into the role of Agent William Carter, a war hero and FBI agents. Direct means here: You control the character with the classic WASD keys (or optionally via gamepad). You also pick your weapons, aim and fire at enemies, dodge active and seek cover -. Therefore quite as usual

Threesome with AI FBI agents

The crucial element, however, are your two FBI agents that will assist in the dynamic tactical battles, thereby assuming different roles. Who smells now clumsy AI cannon fodder, is wrong. Both companions are passively managed – this means that you give them precise instructions on the battlefield. Depending on the character level and equipment level toss mines, put guns on or heave opponents by anti-gravity device in the air. Especially cool: As in Enemy Unknown you must not only select your campaigners themselves, but also name and leveling equip. This allows you customize the fighting to their own taste. Sniper shooters positioned on high ground and make Aliens under attack from a distance, while Command soldiers to draw attention to himself, park powerful guns and pressure waves send out the throw back the aliens. One of your fighters die in battle, he is irretrievably lost and must be replaced

Video: The Bureau XCOM Declassified – Trailer.

Play kewego

tactics screen: Here you enter your commands.

Not without my pals

The combined use their own firepower and shooter skill must be combined with mandatory instructions for the companion. Who just wants to shoot solo, will bite at not more than a few missions into the grass. To issue commands and assign them tasks, the game switches into a super-slow motion. This gives you enough time to convey your wishes with one click. Their comrades then follow the instructions one at a time. The same tactics screen also allows the special maneuvers of Carter himself – such as a group healing – to activate

Chic look with 60s flair

Graphically The Bureau has good capacity. The development studio 2K Marin, which has previously been cared for Bioshock 2, again attaches particular importance to the atmosphere. The game actually looks like it was plucked from the 1960s. Charakere and surroundings are very pretty and attractive models in scene. Also, the overall graphics quality is at a high level. Incidentally, we have tried the PC version and also expect to have seen the most beautiful version. However trailer also show in the console conversions a great density of detail.

 Florian Bauer Wood, Deputy. Department Head

Florian Bauer Wood , Deputy. Head of

Preview impression

The first missions from The Bureau have made quite a lot of fun. Combining classic third-person action and profound tactic is quite fast after a bit of familiarization of the hand. Good also that the developers virtually require that you include your comrades into battle heavily. For solo trips and rarely lead to severe losses to success. In some battles you also face a true alien supremacy, which requires a perfect coordination of your three agents. This leads to a strong bond with his comrades and provides true happiness in case of success. In short: Even though we have not seen all of The Bureau, we are now convinced that can not go wrong. We look forward to the final product

According to current information, the finished version of The Bureau appears. XCOM Declassified on 23 August 2013. In addition to the PC and the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 are provided with a version. A next-generation implementation for Xbox and PlayStation 4 One is not planned.


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