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1 July 2013 16:47

It was once the most powerful search engine on the internet, now it Altavista quickly and quietly from the network. Yahoo turns the page in the next week off.

Suddenly there is the name. Suddenly, almost hidden in a list of eleven other Internet services. They all have their best days behind them, all they will soon shut down. Only one is of such importance that the name strikes you immediately. Altavista

It was once the largest search engine on the World Wide Web. That was long ago, now is the site in the coming week, on 8 July probably disappear from the Internet. The owner Yahoo takes the side of the net, just like that. Users should refer to the future, Yahoo search, it says in the short notice. Among the reasons and all other issues, the company is silent. thing is clear: Altavista is historically significant for the current Yahoo business but did not. Starting from 2010, the machine delivers the same results as the Yahoo search, which in turn builds on Microsoft’s search engine Bing.

Altavista, the end of the nineties for a short time a unique success story. Almost euphoric welcomes the newcomer, the trade press at the end of 1995. Search engines then still called Spider. Altavista but is quickly known as a super spider.

20 million web pages in the index

20 million websites the company introduced initially in its index – an enormous amount for that time. Instead of searching as the former competition with great computing power the Web extensively, Altavista examines the meta information of web pages and filter the most relevant information from it.

Altavista rises to number one on supplies from 1996 search results for Yahoo – and, during the dotcom boom to the coveted takeover target. From 1998 the company changed hands several times owners. Since 2003 belongs to Yahoo Altavista. At this time, however, the market is already dominated by Google. Compaq Altavista had to the portal to digital grocery stores, remodeled, neglecting the core business. Of these, the search engine does not recover.

The decline is rapid: In May 2000, Altavista is located in the highly fragmented search market with a share of 20 percent front, the newcomer Google at five percent. Nine months later, the relationship is reversed. The Age of Google’s dominance begins. Today, Google is worldwide with a market share of more than 90 percent. The company is known for, regardless of the user einzustampfen unprofitable services again. A strategy, which now apparently applies the ex-manager and current Google Yahoo company boss Marissa Mayer also at Yahoo. It is the second closure round this year.

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